Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's what has happened since I lasted posted. . . . . .

1) Hannah's bunnies, Shadow and Jingles, died of unknown causes. She is still slowly getting used to the fact that she will not be showing animals in the fair this year :(
2) I have closed the A Farm Girl Crochet down for a while. Right now, I am not really in the mood for crocheting, so I am finishing cases/scarfs that I have promised to make people. After that, I am done for a while :)
3) Of course you all know that I have been couponing :) hehe
4) I am hooked on listening to this song here and here and of course Barlow girl
5) The Birthday Bash is coming up very soon, and we are preparing for it as usual, gift bags, food lists, etc. This year we are having a very large bouncy slide, we had one before, in fact 2 years ago we had a very large water slide, and we wanted one again, but it is very cold here, you know a heat wave is about 68, yep no joke.
6) It's 10:45 am, and I still have not finished getting ready, so until next time....

P.S. I know there aren't any pictures, so I am terribly sorry, but you will have to bear with me :)