Wednesday, July 18, 2012

music loves...

so since you all know how much of a music lover I am, I figured you might want to see what I like... so be prepared for some major artists to appear :)

on my iPod :) **all the pictures in this post are NOT mine :) i found them on google soooo.. ya :)**

*favs, footloose and are you ready (remix)*

*favs, sing me a love song and never alone (acoustic)* 

*favs, unfriend you*

*favs, one step at a time*

*favs, forever and next 2 you*

*favs good time(i dont have it on my ipod though :( and call me maybe*

*favs, young forever and love like woe*

*favs, love you like a love song and who says*

*favs, break your heart (remix)*

*favs, to many to list :)*

but... the list doesnt end there cause there TONS more that i like that HAVEN'T made it to my lovely ipod yet.... such as

*favs, crazy but true, got me good, all day, and not just you*

*favs, want u back*

*favs, mr.wonderful*

*favs, play my music*

so there.. basically i just showed you..... OMGOSH IM NOT DONE YET?!


*favs, what makes you beautiful, gotta be you, one thing, more than this, up all night, i wish, tell me a lie, taken, i want, everything about you, same mistakes, save you tonight, stole my heart, stand up, moments, na na na, i should've kissed you, another world, forever young(cover), torn(cover), only girl in the world(cover), use somebody(cover), viva la vida(cover),look after you(cover by louis :) what makes you beautiful (dave aude remix), one thing (acoustic),  basically they could sing 'the abcs' and id love it :)*

so there, you kinda sorta took a peek into what plays around my room all day :) hehe


Monday, July 2, 2012

top 10 reasons why i haven't been posting

1) ive been busy  thats a lie, cause i havent been

2) my niece and nephew are in town, which is true, but i still have time

3) my goats have taken up loads of my used to be computer time  another lie, i still have loads of time on my hands

4) i have nothing to post about.  dead serious here

5) i dont know what to post about. another dead serious one here

6) when i think about posting, i always forget to write it out later. ya, thats total true

7) i have no inspriation

8) i wonder if anybody reads my blog... truth here

9) i have a ton of posts lined up, but i forget about them ummm not at all :/

10) i figure nobody wants to hear my fangirling one direction love, and since one direction is EVERYWHERE in my life, i just never ever have anything to post about. that my friends, is probably the most truthful answer out of this whole list :)

so from that list, you probably got this, my niece and nephew are staying here at the house, i finally got goats,  and that ive pretty much become a crazy fangirling directioner.  all three are very true :)

 see my babies?? the one that abby's feeding is the doe, also called rissa(short for clarissa) the other is a buck, who will be traded for another doe. we have been calling him shorty, cause hes only here for a short time :) thanks for that one auntie nay nay :)

you can also see the back of my nieces head in that picture... thats the only picture i have actually :)

and for all my directioner friends, if you have not heard one directions cover of use somebody, and louis cover of look after you, you have not lived :) that is all now

i will try to update more often, but... if i dont, i promise im not dead :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Life lately

I'll admit it, I don't do much on daily, and thats kinda why I don't write that often. I don't have much to talk about.

It makes me feel worse, when someone asks what I've been doing (after they of course tell you all the exciting things happening in their life) and I simply say, "nothing."

So what have I been doing?

1. My oldest sister danielle got married a couple weeks ago and We went down there. That was a lot of fun, cause we went shopping, stayed in hotels with swimming pools,and ate a ton of that bad for you fast food(I totally got my sonic burger fix in :)

2. We came home, and friends we haven't seen since we lived in Colorado came up here to visit us for a few days.

3. I almost finished my new game I bought, called chocolatier:decandace by design. Omgosh, addicting I tell you.

4. Watching random YouTube videos. I kinda sorta found Cher llyod a couple weeks ago,and she's just awesome :) her song want u back is the opposite of one directions taken :0 mind blown ;)

5. Daydreaming.. Something I'm very good at

6. Bought a one direction magazine with 160 pictures and 6 giant posters, tons of facts about them and.. Let's just say i pretty much squealed the whole time looking through it, oh and totally melted when the really cute pictures of harry and niall appeared.. *sigh*

7. I read the hunger games, and honestly, it wasn't something I'd read again :o it was intruiging,and it did totally suck me(I finished it in 3 days) but the whole killing thing, ya not my thing.

8. Stalking :)

9. Waiting :)

10. And trying to catch up on some things I've been putting off lately :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

happy birthday to kelsey :)

**i know i said i was on a blogging break, but this kinda sorta was really important** :)


youve literally gotten me more obessed with things id never ever think id like, but i think ive gotten you obessed with a lot too (without me, you wouldnt be a directioner so :P
i have no idea what id do without ya girly :) your all ways there when i need to talk about something(which is pretty much all the time :)
happy 13th birthday!!! you finally get a facebook... i mean your finally a teenager :)
love ya like a unrealted almost twin sista :)
 p.s. you should totally be worried when you send me pics of you from now on :) muahhhhhhh

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Just to warn all you lovely followers of mine, I'm taking a blogging break. So don't think I'm dead :) cause I won't be... Unless the purple ninjas attack ;) just kidding, their blue :) hehe

So farewell for now :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

met bob

this is bob the clam shell.

pretty much the bestest pet thingy i've ever owned :)

the reason he doesn't have a mouth or nose or hair is cause...he actually hasn't told me yet,but he did say he was lucky he escaped with his eyes and his life. :)


Friday, May 4, 2012


is what my bed looks like after a afternoon of school.....

the life of a homeschooler.....

<3 anne

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today is a very important day my friends...... I turn..... 14 :o I know, it's a miracle I've made it this far ;) I personally thought I'd be strangled..or hung long ago ;) okay that was a joke- I'm a angel:) okay maybe not one of those either On this special occasion, I thought you might want to learn 14 random facts about Moi 1. I text at lighting speeds 2. Im terrible at writing letters. 3. I am a car safety dork.. I will literally re buckle even if we're driving across a parking lot 4. I daydream...a lot 5. I love music 6. I hate math.period.emd of subject 7. I hate zucchini..... Ewwwwwwwwwww 8.sometimes I start talking in stupidly weird accents....not even good ones 9.I like to cook....and eat :) 10. I freak out when I buy songs off iTunes..... 11. I'm obsessive 12.I like pizza...and taco soup... Weird combination 13. I wear FAKE glasses 14.I love juice boxes. Called me crazy\weird but I think there the best invention\creation ever And there you have it....oh and by the way, I'm kinda sorta posting this from my new iPad :) <3anne

Monday, April 30, 2012

so, like on the 24th, me, myself, and i ordered one directions up all night cd.  i was impatient wanting it every single day, but you know mail.... its slow...theres a reason its called snail mail...

anywho i was like wanting it so much today.... i mean, like a lot - a lot a lot, cause this is nice, but i want to blare 1D...

so i impatiently awaited the mail lady to show up.... it was a long wait... we got back from piano lessons, and i noticed she hadnt come yet... so i waited.. played soiltare..listened to 1D :) waiting... and then, she came....

after she drove off, i literally ran across the street... and i opened the mail box... there in the mail box was a smart mail package with the address barnes and noble on it - and it was small... i knew instantly it was my cd.. i literally screamed and dashed across the street shouting "it came it came"

when i got inside, dearest mom was like, "i take it you got your cd?" total fangirl moment, screaming,shaking, you no i gots the infection - one direction infection :)

i ripped it open (of course it was hard with all my jumping and screaming) ran upstairs, turned on my cd player, cranked the volume up, and danced like a manic for like 15 minutes! im still super excited, but my fangirling mom is done. no more screaming

anyway, when i figure out how to import the cd to itunes, my life will be complete!


Monday, April 16, 2012

i must confess.....

(i made her pose like this and now its the lock screen on my phone :)

confession - i haven't been ignoring ya'll - i swear!!! i've tried writing tons of posts, but once i do, i delete the whole thing... i'll try to post more often :)
confession - i'm. addicted. to. one. direction :) seriously... i cant get enough of them :)
confession - abby is licking the bowl she had ice cream in... shes takin after me :)
confession - i totally got the girls addicted to one direction too :)

(omgosh this boy is tooo cute :)

confession - i cut my hair... mhm.... its shorter now, but not to bad :) lol i'm like, 'holy cow, wonder if anybody will notice?!' and so far, that's a negative :)
confession - i'm listening to 'to flip your hair' aka what makes you beautiful by one direction :) told ya i was addicted :)
confession - i was home alone this afternoon... it was quiet...and scary....
confession - i'm txting my bestie :)

(i'm tellin you hes the cutest :)

confession - linds just told me i was being weird... wonder why?? i'm only being crazy while 1D (aka one direction) is playing... jeez :)
confession - my bestie makes me laugh :) a lot :)
confession - our duck is sitting on chicken eggs...
confession - i. love. chocolate, cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies......
confession - i think i've run outta confessions :o
<3 anne

Monday, March 12, 2012

meet my electric eraser...

this is my electric eraser :0 its amazing!!! i have know idea what i did before i got it!??! ohh wait i do, i used a (wait for it) regular eraser, one that doesn't get plugged in :) its amazing i've survived this long without a electric one!!!

i'm sure your wondering how one of these beauts came into my posseion - well it all starts after i finish a math text book - i gotta erase it (cause i write in it :0 anywho i was erasing it one night when my grandparents were over and they were like what are you doing? of course i said with distain ' mother dearest makes me erase my math book every year, and it always paralyzes my hand for at least a month' okay it was more like 'i'm wierd and write in my math book and mom makes me erase it out after i finish it... even though i know i have to erase it afterwards... and its really tedious, and i normally dont do it for at least a couple months then i get on it cause mom keeps pestering me about it' :) anyway so my grandpa, found this electric eraser, and he gave it to ME! :) and not a lot of people have seen one, but i tell you what - there awesome :)

seriously people, you bought that??? i do have an electric eraser,and they are awesome, but really?! look at it!! its big, and its supposed to be 'light weight' buts its as heavy as small lamp, its supposed to be 'quiet' and honestly its quieter to be in the same room with a hungry tiger (okay its not THAT loud :) easy to use.... ya its so heavy you have to balance it in your hand... and well i will admit its a lil easier to use than a regular eraser... :) neat, well considering sometimes it makes big black marks on your clean white paper, ya its not THAT neat, saves time - lemme get this straight, i gotta plug this thing in, make sure that the eraser is actually in the thing, and then hold the button while moving it on my paper, OR i could get up, go get an eraser and get on with my life...... hmmmmm

i will admit though - its very photogenic :)
<3 anne

Sunday, March 11, 2012


your nine :0i <3 you hannah, it would take forever just to write it all down :)
happy birthday girly,
<3 anne

Saturday, March 10, 2012


now instead of a farm girl that rambles on and on, i can be that adorable dork everybody likes :)

i was thinkin today 'i dont like my blog name' and so i was thinkin, and i was like i need to change it, very badly... i dont know why i didnt like it, it just sounded..... kiddish.... maybe not, but i thought so.... and then it hit me - adorkably anne :) which means adorable dork named anne, which totally describes me, to a t :)

i'm gonna leave you all now :( don't worry - i've got a couple more posts coming :)
<3 anne

Monday, March 5, 2012


dear lindsay,
what can i say? your the best weegee that ive ever known,not to mention the only weegee ive ever known :) i love how in every home video you say 'hi this is lindsay', and how you hate it when i climb on your bed, and how you have so many faces and nicknames, your random singing, and animatedness :) you can pretty much race any race in mario kart now, which isnt good cause how am i gonna beat you? 7 years ago, i was 7 holding you, in a quiet hospital room, 10 minutes til they didnt allow vistors, and i held you without any interuptions... i know ill never ever forget that :) i love you soo much linds, itd take quiet awhile to write about it....
<3 your crazy big sis,

Monday, January 23, 2012

sleeping and sandcastles

yep, she'll fall asleep anywhere... anytime... and it doesn't even have to be a pillow!
<3 anne

Friday, January 13, 2012

fashion statements....

wearing socks with sandals.... check
wearing plaid with strips.... check
wearing white shoes after labor day.... check
wearing low boots with a higher skirt.... check
wearing a monkey around your neck with huge boots on the wrong feet.... check
being you and not caring what everyone sees you wearing.... check

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


he was a surprise... total shocker that a brother would be ours...

i love him so very much... i probably spoil him way more than needed by calling him my baby...

he agreed to a photo shoot with me... i posed him... and took his stick away... and made him sit in a tree... the girls were busy playing... but he's not really one for make-overs... don't worry bud, niether am i... niether am i... we went inside... it was too cold to be barefoot outside... and we played freeze dance... but he doesn't like it when we pause and pose... he freaks out... its quite amusing actually...

dear georgie,
i love you so much! i love how you can ALMOST beat me in mario kart wii racing, and how you try to knock me out in boxing, tackle me and try to pin me down on the ground. i love your truck, car, and tractor noises. i love your feetie jammies, and your little hugs :)
<3 your big sis

Monday, January 9, 2012


what happens when your left home with a 2 and 4 year old, no tv, wii, or computer? Couch fishing, building things with couch cushions and a little imagination......

it all started with Abby digging for stuff in the cushions, while i watched like a terrible babysitter... she was slowly finding polly pockets, cars, and a old candy pumpkin (YUCK!) we took it all out to see what we had found and it was quite a bit. we had all the cushions off the couch, why not make a fort? so thats what we did.....

we covered are small 'fort' with a blanket and took a few pictures inside, til i knocked it down... yes me, myself, and i knocked down our fort. after much thought, i asked how about we build a cave?

going into building a cave takes a lot of thought, at first we were going to tape together throw pillows, but that plan got thrown out. then it clicked, 'all i have to do is get the chairs right...' and soon the cave was built. the world famous explorers endured the long crawling trek, and soon we reached then end, and took a few minutes to document our amazing journey with some pictures,the a rumble, and boom, and we raced out so that we wouldn't be crushed....

after our cave came down, we built our boat. of course this again, took much thought as to how i would construct it... but it came easier than our cave thats for sure. 10 pillows later we climbed aboard the S.S pillow with high hopes she'd make her destination. we went threw nights of rain and more rain, and soon, our ship lost a side, then the other. we had to make a getaway. with a piece of our boat, we soon were sailing without a captian, food, our water, just a couple pillows and a blanket. did we reach any land. well that question will have to go unanswered my dear friends...

after all this building, you can believe we were hungry and tired, so we ate and slept....

sillies, who'd sleep when the suns out??