Monday, March 5, 2012


dear lindsay,
what can i say? your the best weegee that ive ever known,not to mention the only weegee ive ever known :) i love how in every home video you say 'hi this is lindsay', and how you hate it when i climb on your bed, and how you have so many faces and nicknames, your random singing, and animatedness :) you can pretty much race any race in mario kart now, which isnt good cause how am i gonna beat you? 7 years ago, i was 7 holding you, in a quiet hospital room, 10 minutes til they didnt allow vistors, and i held you without any interuptions... i know ill never ever forget that :) i love you soo much linds, itd take quiet awhile to write about it....
<3 your crazy big sis,


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Aw, Anne, that was sweet. It is so wonderful to "see" (by reading) how much you love your sister! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Your newest follower,

Preciouspeas said...

You are such a sweet big sister. It's so teary-eyed special how one moment could impact your life forever. I loved reading this story.