:) about ME :)

Welcome!  I will try not to ramble on too much here, but let me tell ya a bit about myself!  My name is Anne, one awkward, goofy, 18 year old, who would rather be in a book than a social situation!  
What should you know about me?  Well, 90% of the time I will be reading, and every time you see me it will probably be a new book.  I will be a crazy book lady one day!  I recently graduated (GO class of 2016! :) and I am a future Business Major (yay math! :)  I love to shop - and the other 10% of my time will be spent either in a store or online shopping!  I love everything and anything bath and body works, and I also have a serious obsession with most makeup products - but mostly lip products (I will go bankrupt one day from buying a lipstick!)   I LOVE kids!  I have 4 younger siblings, and 4 (almost 5!) nieces and nephews, so basically I am a kid expert ;)   I am a selfie queen - basically my instagram is 99% selfies and 1% other things.  I am a serious neat freak, my room gets torn apart more often than not, but I will go months without washing my car!  

I think that's a pretty good run down of me!  If you wanna know more.. I mean you can try and look around but chances are I haven't posted something in decades - I'm probably just reading or shopping though :)