Sunday, December 18, 2011

I got tagged :)

Kelsey over at Dorky Writer tagged me! Thanks Kels :)

You have to answer every single question HONESTLY!!!!!
Have fun.......... (I'm answering too)

What is your favorite color? Lime green and Purple
Do you have any pets?If so, what kinds and what are their name(S)? A barn cat named Charlie!
Do you like photography? yes
What are your USUAL pj's? Comfy sweats and a baggy t and in the winter a warm sweater (my t is usally short sleeve) ohh and socks, my muck boots are cold in the morning :)
What is your room like? And what do you wish it to look like? I love my room. Its lime green with lime green curtains. I have a white trundle bed and a HSM(aka high school musical) comforter. a white mirror with a book cover on the side (Okay so the reason I have a book cover on my mirror is because I couldn't find a book that it would fit so I just needed a place for it :) and a white laptop table so I can get ready!
What is your favorite food? FAVORITE??? Umm that could take a while.....
What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? O really don't know!
If you replaced the first letter in your last name with the first letter in your first name, what would your first name become? Bnne
Do you prefer CAPITAL letters or lowercase letters?both
Do you call that carbonated drink SODA or POP? Soda - what else??
What is your favorite fast food restaurant? ????
What sandwich do you get at Subway? Normally I get the blt all meats and a little mustard :)
Salad or a burger? hmmmm how about a burget with salad on the side
What's your favorite brand of shoes? ????
Writing letters, talking on the phone, texting, what's your favorite form of communication? I like to do all - specially when I have friends who live FAR away :(
Do you wear makeup? NOPE!!!! I think I was made just right so I don't (plus family rule says we have to be 16 to wear make up) I just where a little lip gloss
What month were you born in? May!
What's your favorite place to buy clothes? Thrift store or khols
Do you watch the X Factor USA? If you do, who are you voting for in the final four? NO
Who is your best friend? I have to many :)

Thanks kels for tagging me!
<3 anne

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello old friend

Me oh my! I haven't posted since this summer :0 well I will have to be a better authoress!

I can't believe that its Christmas already! It's amazing how fast time flies. I just can't believe that! What do you think of my new backround? Peppermint, yummm

Last night we had the towns Christmas tree lighting for the worlds largest living Christmas tree. This year I got to help - set up, count down, etc. because I was in Community Pride for 4-H this year! I had fun (even if I had to make phone calls to people I didn't know)

Friday I'll be going to help out at our local Rep. theater. I'm pretty excited. Even if I do have to hand out programs. or make popcorn :)

Saturday is our church cookie exchange. We have our whole church over for finger food, cider, and fellowship. Its alot of fun. Hopefully will invite some friends too!

Anyway, I have a few things to do, but hopefully I will be posting agian soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's what has happened since I lasted posted. . . . . .

1) Hannah's bunnies, Shadow and Jingles, died of unknown causes. She is still slowly getting used to the fact that she will not be showing animals in the fair this year :(
2) I have closed the A Farm Girl Crochet down for a while. Right now, I am not really in the mood for crocheting, so I am finishing cases/scarfs that I have promised to make people. After that, I am done for a while :)
3) Of course you all know that I have been couponing :) hehe
4) I am hooked on listening to this song here and here and of course Barlow girl
5) The Birthday Bash is coming up very soon, and we are preparing for it as usual, gift bags, food lists, etc. This year we are having a very large bouncy slide, we had one before, in fact 2 years ago we had a very large water slide, and we wanted one again, but it is very cold here, you know a heat wave is about 68, yep no joke.
6) It's 10:45 am, and I still have not finished getting ready, so until next time....

P.S. I know there aren't any pictures, so I am terribly sorry, but you will have to bear with me :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where have I been?

I have been in Oz, wonderland, and every other place... I have left you all hanging... on the plauteu of suspense... because I haven't posted... and now I feel like I need too... because you all should know that I'm not dead... I'm alive... and well... I have been couponing... and with that, I want to tell you that I'm a couponer for life now... I'm not turning back... ever... never... because something about making money off items is pretty amazing... or getting it for free...

Time is slowy ticking by... Were I just do the regualr everyday now... and I forget about my wonderful followers and little blog... Everyday posters, I appluade you... *clapping*.... We have guests tonight... and I made browines... yummm... and I have clothes to put away... sigh, laundry can be tiring... at times...

I must leave now... But I thought that, maybe, just maybe an update would be nice to let everyone know, that I AM NOT DEAD :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was looking down at my ticker - its time to party! I have been blogging on 'A Farm Girl Ramblings' for a WHOLE YEAR!!!!! I wanted to thank each and every one of ya'll (my amazing 44 followers!)

Now, there are some reasons for my absence, 1) I. LOST. MY. PICTURES. :0 I know, it is sooo very sad. I was editing one day, and I couldn't find my folders just poof! I am gonna keep looking, so when I find them, we will have some much needed picture posts :) (Update:: I FOUND MY PICTURES!!!) 2) I have been pretty busy, with school, and all so, please forgive me and sticking with me :)

I just wanted to thank ya'll for the wonderful year here on blogger, and all of my faithful, followers! Love ya!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Its official!

I am a teen! EEPPP!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Green Ring Conspiracy

Everbody reading this, you NEED to go and listen to the Green Ring Conspiracy saga, like now!

So many twists and turns, that I am on the edge of my seat

I don't want to give anything away, but if you are a fan of odyssey, there are old characters, and new characters

It is a Green Ring Conspiracy, so like go and listen to it, NOW!!!!

::All pictures are not mine::

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

Today my dear momma, well she turns, um, she turns 40+ today!

I love how you will always be there, how you love to farm and the simple life, and are always reading some new book on farming, and I love how you cherish every minute of life!

Happy birthday mommy, I LOVE YOU!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some ways that I save are.....

Now if that title DOESN'T make any sense, then you will most likely want to keep on reading! I love to get the B-E-S-T deals on anything and EVERYTHING!!! Here are some of the ways that I have learned to save some money. I just want to clarify, I may be only 12, but I have learned from the best momma in the whole wide world!

The first topic is...... CLOTHES!!!

The 2 skirts that I purchased for fifty-five cents! The floral one is a bit bigger, so I wear it with a pin in the side :)

So many of you bloggers face the 'well I can NEVER find modest clothing, that aren't very expensive!' I am here to tell you your local thrift store can offer awesome deals! When we were living in GA, if we needed some type of clothing, on a Thursday we would go into the thrift store, and we would get military discount, and if we got any of the color tags, EXTRA discount!! One of ours recently had twenty-five cent clothing day! Yes, all of the clothing was twnety-five cents! I purchased 2 skirts for a total of .55 cents! You can always get skirts that are a couple sizes to big, you can alter them to your size!

The second topic..... BOOKS!!!

Who doesn't enjoy curling up with a wonderful book and reading a whole book in a day? I know that I do! One of the local libraries puts on a yearly book fait to get rid of some books! I have a book shelf full of books, I have probably spent no more the $50 to $100 on them ALL! Isn't that amazing ( I will have to post a picture of my book shelf, so that way you can see that I have TONS of books, I mean they are stacked on top of books that are stacked :) We went to one on Saturday and I got a total of 13 books for a final price of $7.50!!! Here are the books that I got! Also I wanted to point out that all of the hardbacks were a dollar and the paperbacks were 50 cents.

To be a princess by Hugh Brewster

The complete guide to digital photography by Micheal Freeman

The reptile room by Lemony Snicket

Letters from Rifka by Karen Hesse ( I read this one for school, so it is always nice to have them for when the girls get to read them! plus it is a REALLY good book!)

Remember the ladies by Jeri Chase Ferris

Arbain Nights

The carnivirous carnival by Lemony Snicket
Get on board by Jim Haskins ::no image::

The Mouse and his child by Russel Hoban

Missiouri Homestead by T.L. Tedrow

Remember the ladies by Norma Johnston

The slippery slope by Lemony Snicket

The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame

My third topic it.... How to find craft items for really good prices!

Micheals is really good about having a weekly flyer that lists all of their sale items for the week. We got $1 cotton yarn (which is normally about $2 a ball! AWESOME DEAL!!), 5 art pads for $10 (we also had a discount coupon from the flyer ;)

My fourth topic is.... What else? COUPONS!!!!
You all have KNOW idea what I am like when I am couponing. All I look for are ninty-nine cents or FREE items! Here are some deals that we snagged this past week!

(2) Clean n' clear body washes, after coupons ninty-nine cents each
(1) Crest pro health mouth wash, after ECBs and coupon FREE
(1) Purex 3in1 sheets, after coupon ninty-nine cents
(2) DenTek flossers after coupons and ECBs about $1 each
(2) Maybelline make-ups after ECBs $4 each

Spent - $10.00

Saved - $39.00

and we got back $8.50 in ECBs!

Rite Aid:

(1) Purex crystals fabric softener after coupons and Up+ rewards ninty-nine cents
(1) Halls cough drops after coupons FREE
(1) Reach floss after coupons FREE
(2) Ludens cough drops after coupons fifty cents each

Spent - $1.65

Saved - $13.06


(2) Hefty one zip bags, after coupons $1.15 each
(1) Dial gold hand soap, after coupons ninty nine cents
(2) Pine Sols, after coupons ninty nine cents
(2) Irish spring deoderants, FREE after Register Rewards and coupons
(1) Colgate total toothpaste, after coupon nintey nine cents
(2) Barbsol shaving creams, after coupon nintey-nine cents
(2) Pure silk shaving cream, after coupon ninety-nine cents

Spent - $12.00

Saved - $25.00

and we got $4.00 in rewards back!
I hope you guys thought that this post is soo awesome! I know that I do! :)
Love your addicted to coupons authoress,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little yard sale frees up some room in the garage . . . .

Every year the community pulls together and has one BIIIG yard sale - and we joined in! We sold loads of junk to people, just like the old saying goes 'One mans treasure, is another mans junk.' That really applys to this weekend of nothing but cheap things! One thing that I like is looking for good deals - and you see we had some of the best deals ever! We got rid of my kitchten set that I got when I was 5 - the only thing was when we got there a little Mr. broke the sink! lol. Anyway we also got rid of the most ugly picture (and the funniest thing was it was the first to go!)

The girls have been/ are dying to have a lemonade stand - they did really good! Of course they were telling people that the refills were free! LOL!!!

My grandparents (which is were we did the sale - we live out were we NEVER would have any buisness *smile*) were selling antiques and things that they have no use for now, they had some really cute things (like a pair of old fashioned borgans, ohh how I wished I was to fit in a 11 . . . . . .) I snapped some pictures of the things that they had! Most of the stuff was cleared out

(Ohh how I wanted to snatch this one too...)

Silly Abby - we can't sell you!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Hannah!

Today Hannah turns 8! Wow! Hannah and I have always been close (not like Lindsay and her, but close) as she is only five years younger than me... I love ya Hannah~

H uge brown eyes, and Sarah and I use to use them to OUR advantage ;)

A very laughable young girlk, like she is easy to laugh with.

N ever is without Linds, they are two peas in a pod!

N eat, she doesn't NOT like a mess!

A ballerina

H onest, she'll tell it like it is!

::She was about 5 here::



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have you all ever gotten so busy?

(Abby when she was about 1 years old)

Okay, so maybe I haven't been your best blogger, maybe I haven't been posting that much, maybe all of that, but I have my reasons (not good ones, but reasons) Of course March we have 3 birthdays (Lindsay, Hannah, and my wonderful Mommy) that I am making birthday presents for the last 2, I am really enjoying couponing, and that has taken up plenty of time, and I am just being plain old LAZY!!!! You see, I am on the computer, but I don't ever really want to edit pictures.... I am just gonna edit them, and you all can laugh at, since they are REALLY old!

(Isn't she just darlin'?)

(Lindsay, about 4, she was trying to be a baby, and I do have a picture of her somewhere in the bouncy..)

(photo credits to my mommy, she took this while I was doing some sort of school)

(yours truly when I had a perm(yes I did have a perm):)
So there, you all now have seen what I looked like about 12 years ago, I didn't have to edit any pictures ( I edited these awhile back (like when I got my camera);) so we all win!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to LINDSAY!!!

Today Lindsay turns 6!

L ove's to Laugh
I s always smiling
N ever gives up trying to beat Hannah at something (such as wii mario cart :)
D oodler, Wigi, Squishy, Sisi, Linds, All her nicknames!
treches daily, she can literally do the splits, and lay on the floor!
A lways playing a new game with herself!
earns to get married, very soon I might add!




Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Tag.....

(is this not perfect?)
Kelesy has tagged me... I have to tell you seven random things about me...

1. I < 3 coupons! LOL, but ya'll have no idea how much I love them.....
2. I love to organize, anything (yes even the bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) I don't know why, but if it is messy I hate it...
3. I take really long showers (like 20 mins...)
4. I only wear skirts and dresses (thats not THAT random)
5. I let my ipod die and forget to charge it.... (it has been dead since like last month.... maybe I should charge it...)
6. I can't babysit yet...
7. I hate math, but I love saving money and coupons (is that really wierd? Cause when I am doing coupons, I will be doing math in my head to see how much we save! LOL)

That was really fun!

Monday, February 28, 2011

You all know that I'm not perfect, right?

Living in the same room with 2 younger sisters that quite yet haven't mastered that remembering to make their beds every morning, I am continually calling a 'lets clean the room' afternoon! I try to keep the room sparkling clean (which don't get me wrong, I have my days were my pjs and dirty socks are still on my bed :s) We always are cleaning, re-organizing the dressers,putting clothes away, etc. These pictures were taken after Christmas when we took all of our decor down.

On the 19th we also cleaned our room - which it hasn't stayed that clean! We cleaned it and then dress-up clothes, trucks, towels, and rag curlers made there way up stairs (we were having spa day though...) We are still trying to keep it clean so that we can actually WALK!!!

Now, I challenge all of my readers too do the same, go on and post some pictures or only one picture of your room, clean or messy, and post it on your blog! Comment on this post and tell me you did! We could make this monumentous! Okay, maybe not, but you got my point!