Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello old friend

Me oh my! I haven't posted since this summer :0 well I will have to be a better authoress!

I can't believe that its Christmas already! It's amazing how fast time flies. I just can't believe that! What do you think of my new backround? Peppermint, yummm

Last night we had the towns Christmas tree lighting for the worlds largest living Christmas tree. This year I got to help - set up, count down, etc. because I was in Community Pride for 4-H this year! I had fun (even if I had to make phone calls to people I didn't know)

Friday I'll be going to help out at our local Rep. theater. I'm pretty excited. Even if I do have to hand out programs. or make popcorn :)

Saturday is our church cookie exchange. We have our whole church over for finger food, cider, and fellowship. Its alot of fun. Hopefully will invite some friends too!

Anyway, I have a few things to do, but hopefully I will be posting agian soon.


Tracy & Kelsey said...

YAYAYAYAAYAYAY! You posted! You posted! You posted! Welcome back to the Blogger world. :)


Tracy and Kelsey said...

Anne, I tagged you on my blog.