Monday, April 30, 2012

so, like on the 24th, me, myself, and i ordered one directions up all night cd.  i was impatient wanting it every single day, but you know mail.... its slow...theres a reason its called snail mail...

anywho i was like wanting it so much today.... i mean, like a lot - a lot a lot, cause this is nice, but i want to blare 1D...

so i impatiently awaited the mail lady to show up.... it was a long wait... we got back from piano lessons, and i noticed she hadnt come yet... so i waited.. played soiltare..listened to 1D :) waiting... and then, she came....

after she drove off, i literally ran across the street... and i opened the mail box... there in the mail box was a smart mail package with the address barnes and noble on it - and it was small... i knew instantly it was my cd.. i literally screamed and dashed across the street shouting "it came it came"

when i got inside, dearest mom was like, "i take it you got your cd?" total fangirl moment, screaming,shaking, you no i gots the infection - one direction infection :)

i ripped it open (of course it was hard with all my jumping and screaming) ran upstairs, turned on my cd player, cranked the volume up, and danced like a manic for like 15 minutes! im still super excited, but my fangirling mom is done. no more screaming

anyway, when i figure out how to import the cd to itunes, my life will be complete!


Monday, April 16, 2012

i must confess.....

(i made her pose like this and now its the lock screen on my phone :)

confession - i haven't been ignoring ya'll - i swear!!! i've tried writing tons of posts, but once i do, i delete the whole thing... i'll try to post more often :)
confession - i'm. addicted. to. one. direction :) seriously... i cant get enough of them :)
confession - abby is licking the bowl she had ice cream in... shes takin after me :)
confession - i totally got the girls addicted to one direction too :)

(omgosh this boy is tooo cute :)

confession - i cut my hair... mhm.... its shorter now, but not to bad :) lol i'm like, 'holy cow, wonder if anybody will notice?!' and so far, that's a negative :)
confession - i'm listening to 'to flip your hair' aka what makes you beautiful by one direction :) told ya i was addicted :)
confession - i was home alone this afternoon... it was quiet...and scary....
confession - i'm txting my bestie :)

(i'm tellin you hes the cutest :)

confession - linds just told me i was being weird... wonder why?? i'm only being crazy while 1D (aka one direction) is playing... jeez :)
confession - my bestie makes me laugh :) a lot :)
confession - our duck is sitting on chicken eggs...
confession - i. love. chocolate, cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies......
confession - i think i've run outta confessions :o
<3 anne