Tuesday, November 30, 2010


You heard 'em


Monday, November 29, 2010

An old fashioned Christmas (paper) How to make your own greeting cards

I am joining in over at Grace's with her old fashioned Christmas (and Grace, I am sorry for not posting this sooner, but I wanted to wait til my give a way was over!)

As the title says I am going to be showing how to make greeting/ Christmas cards for the holiday season! You will need:

rubber stamps, found at most craft stores

Stamping pads

scrapbooking pens

Plenty of card stock

cordinating scrapbooking colored paper

Sracpbooking stickers/Picture safe glue

Wipe to wipe of your stamps (baby wipes work the best *smile*)

Something to cut your card stock in half, and it has to cut it strait

Extra small card stock peices to put your stamps on

What I did first was cut my card stock in half, and fold it in hald agian. Make sure you decide what way you want you card to stand.

Next I cut my extra card stock and my scrapbooking paper to the size I want and stamp on the stamp that I have matched it with

After you have stuck that on your card, you can put a stamp on the inside, write a sweet little note, or write/stamp a saying or song lyrics on the front. Anyway you choose, it will look good!

I flipped my card over and wrote in a black Scrapbooking pen a sweet little saying (I used these ' Handcrafted with love by', 'Lovingly hand made by' ETC. you can even make up your own!) And you can stamp a matching stamp over the saying! There now you have a card to send some one special (or you can use it on a gift)!

Just remember that you can make it your own, it doesn't have to follow the same one that I did, make it fun and make it, well OLD FASHIONED!!!!


Saturday, November 27, 2010


My give a way is now closed and how about I announce the winner today?? Good - cause I am!!!!! One thing, who ever wins will need to email me at my blog email (at the end of this post)!

Thanks to everyone who entered, it really makes me happy that I have so many people that read my blog (can you tell I am procrastinating the winner *smile*?)

Drum Roll please . . . . .

Lauren from Spinning Barefoot has won! If you could email, that would be awesome! You can go to the 'Need something?' to get my email!
Thank you to everyone that entered! That was fun! I will have to do another one soon huh . . . . .

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't forget

Don't forget about my give a way! One more week!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Give a way @ A FARM GIRL RAMBLINGS!!!!

** This give a way is now closed**

You heard - really, yep and you saw, WOW word gets round fast! Yep 20 followers!!!! I am sooo excited! I am giving a way this button jar, a hand towel purse, complete with Chocolate Chip cookies recipe and Hot Chocolate Recipe mixes(not pictured)! I will include the recipe and highlight the wet stuff you have to add!

Made by Moi!
A close up of the jar

A close up of the bags corsage

How to enter


madatory entry - Comment letting me know what your Favorite color is!

Extra Entires
Post about the give a way (you may include the photo) - 2 entires Please include the link, and no posting on any other sites other than Blogger please!
Add my button to your side bar - 2 entries
Follow Me - 1 entry
**Please leave a seperate comment for each entry, THANKS**
No shipping out of the US, sorry
This give a way will be closed November 27 and the winner will be announced On the 29th (that Monday)!
Have Fun,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You know its winter when . . . . .. . .

The rain never stops . . . . . .

The sweaters are on and so is the heater, you even have a blanket on to keep warm - but it is still cold . . . . . .
The book is your best friend . . . . . .

You dread doing the chickens water cause it will make your hands numb.. . . . . . . .
You are blast your music . . . . . . . .

Sewing keeps you from looking out the window . . . . .

Movie after movie plays . . . . .

Playing the piano keeps your hands busy . . . . . . . .


The one flower that is in your house is here . . . . . .

School gives you something to do . . . . . . . .

Yep - I qualify, its winter here!

Love ,


Friday, November 5, 2010

Give a Way @ Feminine Farmgirl

Jenna over at Feminine Farmgirl is having a give a way! GO HERE


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet the new member of the family. . . . .

Spots.. . . . . . Yes . . . . . You heard me . . . . .Spots! Do you know how exciting it is to have a pet to love on a again? Ever since we put Toby down, dad has to remind us that the chickens are FARM ANIMALS not PETS. So we can't baby them, but I still do *smile*, everyone else treats them the same as regular FARM ANIMALS, but me, they are my BABIES!!! Anyway, Hannah rock paper scissored dad and lost but dad STILL LET HER GET THE CAT!!!! We are pushing for his name to be Charlie or Junior, but she is stuck on Spots. Do you have a cute name for him? PLEASE, do comment