Monday, November 29, 2010

An old fashioned Christmas (paper) How to make your own greeting cards

I am joining in over at Grace's with her old fashioned Christmas (and Grace, I am sorry for not posting this sooner, but I wanted to wait til my give a way was over!)

As the title says I am going to be showing how to make greeting/ Christmas cards for the holiday season! You will need:

rubber stamps, found at most craft stores

Stamping pads

scrapbooking pens

Plenty of card stock

cordinating scrapbooking colored paper

Sracpbooking stickers/Picture safe glue

Wipe to wipe of your stamps (baby wipes work the best *smile*)

Something to cut your card stock in half, and it has to cut it strait

Extra small card stock peices to put your stamps on

What I did first was cut my card stock in half, and fold it in hald agian. Make sure you decide what way you want you card to stand.

Next I cut my extra card stock and my scrapbooking paper to the size I want and stamp on the stamp that I have matched it with

After you have stuck that on your card, you can put a stamp on the inside, write a sweet little note, or write/stamp a saying or song lyrics on the front. Anyway you choose, it will look good!

I flipped my card over and wrote in a black Scrapbooking pen a sweet little saying (I used these ' Handcrafted with love by', 'Lovingly hand made by' ETC. you can even make up your own!) And you can stamp a matching stamp over the saying! There now you have a card to send some one special (or you can use it on a gift)!

Just remember that you can make it your own, it doesn't have to follow the same one that I did, make it fun and make it, well OLD FASHIONED!!!!



Kendra said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by for so long! Those are lovely cards!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute!

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Thanks so much!! Thats really cool! I can't wait to make some!! Have a blessed day!!

PS: I'm having a give away so go enter!!:):)

Grace said...

Those are very nice cards!!! Thanks so much for entering my blog event. I am so sorry I missed your giveaway! I am so busy right now, I did not have time to enter.
Hope you are having a lovely day!


Kendra - Thats okay, I understand! I neglect blogs that I follow.
K - Thanks, they didn't take but an hour to make all 4, I even made 4 more that night!
Kimmi - I will go and check it out!
Grace - Thats okay, I will have more! HEHE Your welcome, I love the idea! Although I have to ask, can my mom do the knitting week, I don't know how to knit, but my mom does!


Anonymous said...

WOW the teddy bear card looks SO familiar. Gee, I wonder why.



Kels - Hmm that is soo wierd! LOL