Monday, March 10, 2014

Polka dot jeans

so right now this is the last DIY until i have a Friday that I'm not doing something on - then i can convince my  momma to go to the thrift store with me :)

I found this on pinterest, and so i wanted to do this with my other pair of old jeans - since I've already bleached my other jeans I decided to do this with my last pair!

what you'll need

  • a old pair of shorts, capris, or jeans - what ever you want to polka dot :)
  • some fabric paint -the DIY I saw was with a light grey, but mine was a white.  I've also seen navy blue polka dots which is very pretty!
  • a wood skewer, or anything else to dot your pants with
  • and a ruler if you want to be precise.
now if you aren't patient or don't have a lot of time on your hands, don't do this.. it will take awhile.

I started with jeans and cut them into shorts.. this is optional but i suggest doing larger polka dots if your doing capris/jeans.

I then just took the wood skewer and went polka dot crazy :)  I didn't like the uneven look so I did add more polka dots.  more polka dots doesn't hurt anything right?!

I left the shorts for a few days before starting on the back. originally i was just going to do the pockets, but then some little one smeared them, so i ended up painting the back of the pocket - hehe :) and then again i went polka dot cray ;) (I can't figure out why the picture is flipped! sorry :(

and that's it!! it is very tedious - so don't do if you don't have patience and time :) i love how they look - even though my mother said she wouldn't wear them and refused my offer to make her some of her own ;)

in other news - Lindsay turned 9 this last week :0  I made her birthday cake, aka my first official layered cake!  It wasn't half bad if i do say so myself :)


Monday, March 3, 2014

ombre shorts DIY

DIY #2 - right now I have 1 more that I will be doing, and as soon as i can get to the thrift store I'll look for stuff to do another :)

so my jeans are about 2 years old.. and the bottoms are all ripped up, the certain pair pictured here had bleach on the side of 1 of the legs from cleaning the bathroom and the other had a patched hole (thanks to a certain friend dragging me on a bike ride :)  so needless to say i was in serious need of new ones.

thanks to the lovely target (yay for shopping ;) i got 2 new pairs!! so now i get to destroy my other two!

I've seen this DIY before all over youtube, but I never thought I would do it.  My inspiration for this DIY didn't come from pinterest actually, but more from this video.  I did not do everything that was in the video, but hey if its your thing go right ahead!

so for this pair of awesome shorts you will need...

  • a pair of old jeans
  • bleach
  • scissors
I started out with regular old jeans, and i tried them on and measured where I wanted them to come to.  My personal length was to the end of my fingertips, but if you want it shorter/longer go right ahead!  I marked where I wanted the jeans to be with a piece of chalk, and then marked a little bit down so i had a little bit of extra

after that i got the bleach into a spray bottle. 

I took the jeans outside and sprayed the jeans a whole lot on the bottom, and then lighter towards the top to get a ombre effect going on.  After I sprayed the jeans on the bottom I let it sit and lighten a bit, and when I notice that it wasn't the color I wanted I sprayed more.  I did that about twice.  

After the jeans had lightened to what I thought I wanted I brought them inside and rinsed them off in the sink.  I then tossed them in the washer for the quickest washing cycle and then into the dryer after.

and TADA!!! my new favorite pair of jeans :)

until the next post... :)