Thursday, August 22, 2013

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life kinda got the best of me :/  see i had all the yoesmite pictures/post like almost done and then this thing called a job took over.. tack on a social life and my summer has been JAM PACKED! 

(this picture took home 3rd at fair!)

i started work for the fair at the beginning of the month.. i finish on monday :( i have really loved it and im so grateful i was offered the job and i hope i will get to do it next year!! 

(another 3rd!)

we start school on tuesday.. im so sad... i want summer to keep going.. and or id like to sleep for a week and THEN start school :)

(last 3rd i got)

im currently listening to music, texting my bestie, and working on a calendar to keep track of when the goats are in heat. yay ;)


im really kinda depressed on what i got for my pictures at the fair.. i dont get the judging sometimes.. some things in the hall i work at got 1st that i didnt think deserved it.. others didnt place at all and your like really?? its weird.. 


on the 30th my friend sarah and i are going to see the one direction movie :) CANT WAIT!!!!


this coming school year is getting crazy busy.. already and school hasnt started yet :/  the girls have dance classes about... 4 days a week (out of a total of 5 school days!) i have 4h, and a girls club, the dance teacher wants me to babysit for one of her adult classes, it sounds like a landed a monthly babysitting job, chuch, school, friends... life is crazy in our household!! 

i promise, im going to finish the yoesmite pictures post and then post that :) 
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a small vacation..

**so sorry at how late this is!! but enjoy!! :)**

This last weeked we went down to Yoesmite National Park. our main reason for going was to meet up with friends of ours from Georgia that drove from Florida to California!

We arrived on Thursday, and i was trying to get a small cell phone reciption at our hotel... guess who didn't get serivce?? yup.. a whole weekend no cell phone, and no wifi since i was going to pay $.09 a minute for wifi... and i survived... i know, a major shock!

I still used my phone for time and games and photos, sadly no facebook, texting, or instagram all the way out there :/ but omgosh it was nice to disconnect! It was GORGEOUS!

(these pictures are in no particular order.. just as a warning :)

Get ready for major pictures, because i took over a 100 with the camera and quite a few with my phone!
on our way over to the river across our hotel, we walked a small path and there were more than 1 of these.  i love these little whatever there called things :) i want one in my backyard one day i think!

the view at the river, pretty huh??

 the same mountains just water, it was super clear!

lindsay lookin all cute and such!

George and dad lookin for skipping rocks.... boys :)

proof that mom did come along with us :)

George and dad skipping the skipping rocks :)

the water... super cold... brrr

more mountains and water... skip ahead if i am boring you ;)

the rapids up a bit ahead of us.. my want to go rafting in rapids grew increasingly on this trip :)

George and i digging on the water table :)

and some more :)

more digging in the sand/rocks/water :)

more pretty view :)

the sand, which i took this one in hopes of capturing all the fools gold but... you cant see it... but there was fools gold.. all over

george running from me since he doesnt like his picture taken.... 

dad setting a raft he built into the water...

will it float?? yup but it didnt go very far


the girls were catching tadpoles in there hands (its the tiny little black thing :)

dad and george lookin at the rocks in the water, they found one that looked like a brain and one that looked like a frog.. and they cute a little fish in half in the process of finding rocks

building a waterway :) 

more water.... 

mom and dad bein lazy on the sand... parenting 101 ;)

momma restin in the hotel room :)

this was a gorgeous spot and we had to stop and take a boat load of pictures!

a real life waterfall :o

three peaks which we thought was three brothers but we passed the actual three brothers later (no pictures of that one :(

a small little set of rapids that we passed up to the top of bridal veil waterfall

george throwing a tantrum... who knows what for

we stopped at a little river after lunch and there were more rapids, but a calm spot a few steps away were we chilled out and the kids through rocks into the river :)

we stopped at a little river after lunch and there were more rapids, but a calm spot a few steps away were we chilled out and the kids through rocks into the river :)

half dome... its not a super good picture, taken from inside the car... because we couldnt get to parking and then a ambulance and a helicopter came so there was no way of getting any parking... but we did get a picture at least :)


under the Golden Gate Bridge

a stop at Jamba juice on the way home :)


(sorry i cant flip these :/) im not sure how thats comfortable but hey, he was sleeping and that was good :)

More of the view

leaving San Franscico... very sad for me... i realized how much i like big cities.. and i wanna go back now :(

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