Thursday, August 22, 2013

*some interesting meaningful title here*

life kinda got the best of me :/  see i had all the yoesmite pictures/post like almost done and then this thing called a job took over.. tack on a social life and my summer has been JAM PACKED! 

(this picture took home 3rd at fair!)

i started work for the fair at the beginning of the month.. i finish on monday :( i have really loved it and im so grateful i was offered the job and i hope i will get to do it next year!! 

(another 3rd!)

we start school on tuesday.. im so sad... i want summer to keep going.. and or id like to sleep for a week and THEN start school :)

(last 3rd i got)

im currently listening to music, texting my bestie, and working on a calendar to keep track of when the goats are in heat. yay ;)


im really kinda depressed on what i got for my pictures at the fair.. i dont get the judging sometimes.. some things in the hall i work at got 1st that i didnt think deserved it.. others didnt place at all and your like really?? its weird.. 


on the 30th my friend sarah and i are going to see the one direction movie :) CANT WAIT!!!!


this coming school year is getting crazy busy.. already and school hasnt started yet :/  the girls have dance classes about... 4 days a week (out of a total of 5 school days!) i have 4h, and a girls club, the dance teacher wants me to babysit for one of her adult classes, it sounds like a landed a monthly babysitting job, chuch, school, friends... life is crazy in our household!! 

i promise, im going to finish the yoesmite pictures post and then post that :) 
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