Monday, January 23, 2012

sleeping and sandcastles

yep, she'll fall asleep anywhere... anytime... and it doesn't even have to be a pillow!
<3 anne

Friday, January 13, 2012

fashion statements....

wearing socks with sandals.... check
wearing plaid with strips.... check
wearing white shoes after labor day.... check
wearing low boots with a higher skirt.... check
wearing a monkey around your neck with huge boots on the wrong feet.... check
being you and not caring what everyone sees you wearing.... check

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


he was a surprise... total shocker that a brother would be ours...

i love him so very much... i probably spoil him way more than needed by calling him my baby...

he agreed to a photo shoot with me... i posed him... and took his stick away... and made him sit in a tree... the girls were busy playing... but he's not really one for make-overs... don't worry bud, niether am i... niether am i... we went inside... it was too cold to be barefoot outside... and we played freeze dance... but he doesn't like it when we pause and pose... he freaks out... its quite amusing actually...

dear georgie,
i love you so much! i love how you can ALMOST beat me in mario kart wii racing, and how you try to knock me out in boxing, tackle me and try to pin me down on the ground. i love your truck, car, and tractor noises. i love your feetie jammies, and your little hugs :)
<3 your big sis

Monday, January 9, 2012


what happens when your left home with a 2 and 4 year old, no tv, wii, or computer? Couch fishing, building things with couch cushions and a little imagination......

it all started with Abby digging for stuff in the cushions, while i watched like a terrible babysitter... she was slowly finding polly pockets, cars, and a old candy pumpkin (YUCK!) we took it all out to see what we had found and it was quite a bit. we had all the cushions off the couch, why not make a fort? so thats what we did.....

we covered are small 'fort' with a blanket and took a few pictures inside, til i knocked it down... yes me, myself, and i knocked down our fort. after much thought, i asked how about we build a cave?

going into building a cave takes a lot of thought, at first we were going to tape together throw pillows, but that plan got thrown out. then it clicked, 'all i have to do is get the chairs right...' and soon the cave was built. the world famous explorers endured the long crawling trek, and soon we reached then end, and took a few minutes to document our amazing journey with some pictures,the a rumble, and boom, and we raced out so that we wouldn't be crushed....

after our cave came down, we built our boat. of course this again, took much thought as to how i would construct it... but it came easier than our cave thats for sure. 10 pillows later we climbed aboard the S.S pillow with high hopes she'd make her destination. we went threw nights of rain and more rain, and soon, our ship lost a side, then the other. we had to make a getaway. with a piece of our boat, we soon were sailing without a captian, food, our water, just a couple pillows and a blanket. did we reach any land. well that question will have to go unanswered my dear friends...

after all this building, you can believe we were hungry and tired, so we ate and slept....

sillies, who'd sleep when the suns out??