Tuesday, January 10, 2012


he was a surprise... total shocker that a brother would be ours...

i love him so very much... i probably spoil him way more than needed by calling him my baby...

he agreed to a photo shoot with me... i posed him... and took his stick away... and made him sit in a tree... the girls were busy playing... but he's not really one for make-overs... don't worry bud, niether am i... niether am i... we went inside... it was too cold to be barefoot outside... and we played freeze dance... but he doesn't like it when we pause and pose... he freaks out... its quite amusing actually...

dear georgie,
i love you so much! i love how you can ALMOST beat me in mario kart wii racing, and how you try to knock me out in boxing, tackle me and try to pin me down on the ground. i love your truck, car, and tractor noises. i love your feetie jammies, and your little hugs :)
<3 your big sis


Tracy and Kelsey said...

Nice Post. I love the picture where he's pointing at the sky. (Atleast, I think it's the sky.) He's so STINKIN' CUTE!!!!


P.s. Hi George

Anna Faith said...

I love it.
So like me and my brother.

Preciouspeas said...

You are a beautiful big sister to him and you take the best pictures sweet daughter!
love you