Monday, June 10, 2013


march 5th was the last time I posted something on this little blog o' mine.  so I decided to fill you all in on what I've been up to...

(all the pictures I'm about to post are ones I'm thinking about entering in the fair this year, whadya think??)

The last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. I finished school before every one (and I'm still wondering how, I'm the one doing algebra??) so I've tried to find things to occupy my day, and for the first few days I was on a cleaning out the garage spree, I painted a book shelf for George, organized all the yard sale stuff, and then I kind of ran out of things to do... oh well, its getting towards vacation time so ill be busy ;)
Last Saturday we went to a pool, and guess who forgot the sunscreen... yup this dork... I had burnt shoulders for awhile... but we had fun, there was lots of food, sun (that's a rare thing :) and lots of fun in the pool! 

On Saturday we had the Homeschool year end picnic. I was pretty bummed and didn't wanna go because I didn't think any of my girlfriends would be there...  but I was happily surprised as one of my closest friends was there, and we were kinda together the whole time :)  

The last weekend in May Hannah, Lindsay, and I went to help my aunt move closer to us. Her big old dog huckleberry loved seeing us again, since we kinda um... spoil in him in the food department :) I also got Jamba Juice two days in a row.. mmmm I miss it :( 

 (the one of Abby is a cell phone picture, not sure if it would print good or not.. :/)
On Thursday we leave for Yosemite... we are meeting friends from Georgia that moved to Florida... I'm not happy there's no internet all weekend :(  oh well, its supposed to be warm, we plan on stopping in San Francisco the way there and possibly Sacramento the way home, so city fun! and the pool, and hopefully seeing a waterfall up close?? its on my bucket list what can I say :)
Last Thursday someone here got elected as 4-H secretary :) I know, me as a secretary, I gotta be all professional :) I can't wait to start. here's to hoping my nerves disappear!

 I did turn 15 in may :0  it was a pretty laid back day, I had a girls group hike in the morning and then I hung out around the house for the rest of the day, had lasagna and my daddys yummy garlic bread for dinner and cookie cake for dessert :) I also got..... colored skinny jeans :) something I've wanted but I felt to fat, tried to diet, dieted for about a week, saw some donuts, forgot the diet, and ya... but I love my skinny jeans ;)
( I haven't figured out which one of George making a mud pie I want, so this one is just a idea ;)
Me the sewing person I am not is making my second dress of the year :0  one of the dresses I borrowed the pattern from someone and I wasn't going to use it (it was knit, and me not sewing, ya you do the math) but mom found some red knit in her many buckets of fabric and I decided to go for it, and it turned out amazing! you know when you put something on and you instantly feel like on top of the world?? ya I got that when I tried it on.. only until I realized I sewed one of the sleeves on upside down... but the other is still in the works, I'm taking it slow since its a project for a girls group I'm in.
 I recently watched the avengers for the first time, and id seen captain America, but we wanted to watch the other movies so we rented iron man and captain America ( I re-watched it, no shame he's pretty good lookin ;) and now I'm hooked, like seriously I want to see Thor and iron man 2 and 3, and re- watch hulk and ya... I wanna see it all :)
for the rest of the summer I'm pretty busy, we have another vacation to visit my grammie, then a vacation with my grandma and her family in July, I'm possibly going to have 2 summer jobs (thinking car thinking car ;) the fair, the Bibby birthday bash, hanging with friends, just craziness!! but I'm super excited, because I really think its going to be a AWESOME summer :)