Saturday, October 5, 2013

50 random facts about me!

so I since I have nothing interesting going on in my life right now. I thought maybe if someone even reads my blog I'd do a random facts about me post :) If you wanna know the ins and outs of lovable old me then keep on reading....
1. I can't sing to save my life. and I can't dance either. but I still rock out :)
2. I do my nails like once a week... I hate chipped nails!
3. A long long time ago I used to dread getting my eyebrows plucked.. I cried and used ice to 'numb' my eyebrow so my mom could pluck my eyebrows.... it never ended up being more than a hair or two that she got before i cracked
4. i randomly crack myself up...
5. sometimes if someone says a line that's a lyric in a song, and I know the song, I will sing that song LIKE A BOSS :)
6. I don't like breakfast much - I have a hard time eating breakfast.
7. on that same note of breakfast I don't like pancakes or waffles.. don't kill me!!
8. I have a birthmark on the side of my nose. everyone asks what happened to my nose and I'm like, umm its a birthmark that's what. the only nice thing about it is I'm the only child in the family with a birthmark :) 
9. I used to say I wouldn't wear mascara until I was 21 because it was to risky and I'd make a mess and never figure it out.. guess what?? I started wearing it at 14 :) 
10. on the makeup note I also decided when I was 12 that I didn't need to wear makeup... um ya I think that lasted maybe 2 years?? not happenin ;) 
11. I used to think it was awful when a song said the word 'kiss' or 'touch'... you don't wanna know the songs I listen to now ;)
12. I have this really bad habit of hating a song.. don't listen to me when I say it and don't take it seriously.. chances are, if you wait a couple months and I'll be obsessed with it :)
13. if im mad at someone and they text me i try not to reply to show them i can avoid them.. its lasts maybe 5 seconds.. and i reply with a really boring lifeless emotionless text.. I'm not the only one right??
14. I am a major klutz! I am really bad about breaking things.. and I think mom jinxed me cause she was like, I hope you don't trip on your wedding day.. thanks mom ;)
15. when no ones looking I have a dance party for one... headphones make me a rock star :)
16.  i am obsessed with tumblr and youtube.. that mix makes for a really unproductive day for me.
17. i get really distracted - which is why i should have never liked the vines page on facebook!
18. i hate milk!!! i haven't liked milk since my parents had the 'bottle fairy' take away my bottles.. and its really bad because i live in dairy community.
19. ive learned how to do most every crafty thing ever (sewing, knitting, latch hook, cross stitch, crochet, that type stuff) but the only things i actually still do are crochet and cross stitch!
20. i am like super obsessive.. you all should know because if you look at some of my previous posts its either coupons or one direction (which by the way, we gave up coupons and i still love the boys :)
21. im a serious shopaholic.. its a major problem.. like major.. don't take me near a mall.. or let me online shop.. or tell me Christmas or a friends birthday is coming up.. that's all excuses to shop forever!
22. i used to eat pepperoni and ham for breakfast - and it wasn't fried ham it was cold.. now my favorite is a blueberry bagel slathered in butter and a glass of cranberry juice... mmmmm
23. if you give me chocolate i will love you FOREVER!
24. im not like a typical girl who loves starbucks - my obsession is jamba juice.. give me a mango go go and seriously that's it.. were friends forever ;)
25. i love sappy romantic things.. proposal videos on youtube, um yes please.
26. i love instagram - besides my facebook its the only other social media account i have!! so far.. ;)
27. i love little kids.. but i have a soft spot for little boys.. they are just to cute!
28. i love bath and body works.. its my second home
29. mango smells amazing to me - my mango perfume is the best smelling perfume that i have
30. the whole marvel superheros saga is like perfect. captain america, i think yes :)
31. burger king is a secret guilty pleasure - shhhh ;)
32. im sooo weird.. but being weird is good right??
33. i love shopping for clothes.. and i have way to many..  and i cant part with any of my clothes... its a bad habit!
34. i love the smell of coffee - not the taste but the smell.. and bath and body works has a coffee candle.. and i need that.. :)
35. ice cream and i are like.. buddies forever
36. i love the holidays but i always have problems with eating on thanksgiving since i don't like stuffing, mashed potatoes, or pies... don't hate me!!
37. i love doing secretary type work.. that must be why im secretary of 4h, the girls club i go to, and im moms secretary :)
38. i suck at baking but i still try to bake every now and then :)
39. im super duper insecure.. about everything i do.. but most people don't actually know that..
40. i don't like tea or coffee.  i like hot apple cider occasionally... but im more of a soda and juice and smoothie kinda gal
41. ive had more look changes in the last couple of years that should be normal (lets see before we moved to cali, i was curly hair with glasses.. perm fell out and glasses broke, then i was straight hair no glasses, wanted glasses and curls again, curly and glasses, perm fell out again so now im straight hair and glasses.. i cant just keep my looks one way can i??)
42. i have to Nubian goats and i love them :)
43. i am constantly getting mad at my phone.. but i do love it.. its a love hate type thing ;)
44. i have changed a lot since we moved to California and i have to wonder if they were good or bad changes
45. i am VERY sarcastic.. its really bad.. and i seriously hope no one ever takes me seriously
46. im super impatient as well.. also very bad
47. i blush really easily.. and i hate it because it says, oh ya im so embarrassed!  It really sucks when dad asks if i like someone and i turn red.. then he doesn't believe me when i say no... uggh stupid blushing!
48. im not a big country music fan but i love hunter hayes and some taylor swift..just some ;)
49. i hate public speaking
50. and this was really hard for me!! haha ;)
so there you have it.. 50 random things you probably didn't know about me!! it took me forever to figure them out myself ;)
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