Monday, February 28, 2011

You all know that I'm not perfect, right?

Living in the same room with 2 younger sisters that quite yet haven't mastered that remembering to make their beds every morning, I am continually calling a 'lets clean the room' afternoon! I try to keep the room sparkling clean (which don't get me wrong, I have my days were my pjs and dirty socks are still on my bed :s) We always are cleaning, re-organizing the dressers,putting clothes away, etc. These pictures were taken after Christmas when we took all of our decor down.

On the 19th we also cleaned our room - which it hasn't stayed that clean! We cleaned it and then dress-up clothes, trucks, towels, and rag curlers made there way up stairs (we were having spa day though...) We are still trying to keep it clean so that we can actually WALK!!!

Now, I challenge all of my readers too do the same, go on and post some pictures or only one picture of your room, clean or messy, and post it on your blog! Comment on this post and tell me you did! We could make this monumentous! Okay, maybe not, but you got my point!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm in love......

With starbucks coffee cups!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little leg work and you get......

You all are probably like 'what in the world is that title supposed to be about?' Well I have been helping my momma in the biggest project that one could embark on, SAVING DOUGH!!!!! YES this simple sign $$$$$!!!! We have a large family right? Well we watched a TV program called Extreme Couponers Now we are not like these people, but it definetly opened our eyes when one lady bought a months worth of food for a $1! That is what got us going! Some of the deals aren't that good, but we sometimes get some good ones (like chicken $.99 per lb). I decided to take some photos of our better deals! I will name the items and then add in the amount that we got. Then I will put what we spent, if I know, what we saved and what we WOULD have spent! O and were we shopped too!

3 Aquafresh toothpaste
3 Hair Dyes
3 Aluminmun Foil
1 diaper
1 oreo
are total was....$10!

Safeway, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Walgreens ( I am going to list what we got were under the name of the store!)

Rite Aid
3 Ajax Dish liquid
5 Kelenex

2 Paper Towels
2 Soft Soaps
1 Ivory soap 3 pack
1 Feminine Hygenie Product

Dollar Tree
2 AA battery packs

2 Wheat Thins
4 Packs of soda
1 Dozen eggs (yes we have chickens, but they were FREE) Not pictured
1 Coffee Creamer
5 Pork Sausage Links
6 Breasts packages of chicken
4 Bottles of soda (yes we all loooove soda!)
1 Bag of Red Grapes
Our Total for all of the stores was $86, We saved $110, and we would have spent....$196 with out the deals, and coupons! You see, it is sooo cool how we just got $200 worth of groceries for $86!!!

Now you maybe wondering, were in the world do they find all of those deals and coupons? Well my momma buys coupons from The Coupon Master and a site called Coupon Divas and our grandparents kindly give us their Sunday paper deals! So you see, its not that hard....... But it does take just 'a little extra leg work'

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little girls and cows . . . . .

Our nieghbors grandson and relatives have a diary farm, and since they have those babies that have to go some where, they have a plot next door! These photos were taken this last summer, but any how they are still sooo cute!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Give A Way @ Bramblewood Fashion


I wear my sunglasses at night.....

One thing that I haven't told you about me, well it is that I have a MAJOR obsession with sunglasses.... I used to have a black pair and now I have 2 brown and a blue pair! I am could still get more....... Anyway I snapped some pics of me in my AMAZING sunglasses! he he

What do you all have an obsession with?


P.S. Don't forget about my pay it forward (3 more slots!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last year our family embarked on a long journey into the farming life, hoping to have goats, rabbits, chickens, both egg and meat, and turkeys. Of course we never did get THAT far, but as I have written (like one sentence..) we got our always loving chicken count back up to 30 birds. For those that don't know we live on one of the main routes out of town - and NO ONE ever pays attention to the 45 speed limit sign (instead that gas pedal is pushed to the medal ;)

We did incubate some eggs, and after our successful mama bird hatched 3 babies (GO HERE), we were ready to get that bird count back up (we have lost a total of about 6 birds, 2 to unknown causes, the rest to cars..)

Excitedly mom rushed in after a shopping trip to announce one chick has hatched! We are all a buzz, as father is trying to instruct me, and I am trying to instruct my dear frazzled mother, and we successfully move the one black bird.

That next morning father announces that one more has entered the world, and that afternoon is moved in with its brother/sister! They look so tired, thankfully God made mothers to be the ones tired in the human world, these poor things are exhausted! Only later do we see that this little one is made its entrance! Since this one chekced on it progress, it was pretty cool for Hannah to find him/her first!




Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Lovin' it!

Yes, I know that I am weird for having a post about a Mickey D's burger, but it is just me I guess! LOL - DO YOU WANT ONE NOW????

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Give a way @ Simple Delights

For georgous earrings! GO HERE

Give a way @ Bramblewood Fashion

For a amazing soap set!!! GO HERE

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cute little balloons......

From a Christmas Party that we attended last month. Abby's bee did have a stick thing like Lindsay's Humming Bird, but she popped it after a few minutes.... Mine is the purple doggy and Hannah's is the red one! Your never to old to have a balloon! Ohh and Gergie did have a sword and Belt that we got him, but he popped that after a few seconds too....

Friday, February 11, 2011

2 big posts all in one! FF challenge day 4 and 5 and Pay it forward 2011

I am terribly sorry to Grace as I was terrbily busy yesterday and when I took my picture it was like 9 pm already - not a good time to post! Especially since I still had math.....

Day 4:

I wore.....
Pink Sweater - Randomly found in the laundry!
Black Skirt - Hand Me Down
Earrings - Given to me by Sarah ( like I said, she is obsseded with jewlery...)
Hair - Fliped up pony tail
Shoes - I wore some sandals and flats!
Pink Heart Necklace - Given to me by Sarah

Day 5:

I wore....
'Things go better with coke' T - Got off My Coke Rewards (yes, we do have one of those - we drink sooo much soda though!)
Denim Skirt - Hand made
Hair - in a pony
Earrings - Bought at Target (like $3) Sorry that you can't see them*frown*
Coke Cup - Given to me by Kelsey for Christmas
And now, Pay it forward, have you heard of it? Well what you do is you have to hand make (YES HAND MAKE!) something and give it to the first 5 comments on the post! I have some pretty (like I am in looove with them!) hand made cards!
But theres a catch to this, YOU have to post one of your own (within a month) on your blog! And it MUST be handmade
**note - if you have had one on your blog you can still enter and you don't have to have another one!**
**I cannot ship international, sorry**
And the slots are OPEN!
3. Anna Faith

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FF challenge day 4

WHEW!!! Already day 4?! Today we had a valentine party, so it has taken me a while to get this post done. Hannah also has a stomach bug and we had ballet!
Today I wore.....

Grey Voice of the mayrtrs t - Sarah got it for me
Orange sweater - Old Navy, Christmas present
Denim Skirt - Hand Made

Orange Earrings - Sarah gave them to me (the beauty of having a earring obested sister....)
(not pictured) Braclet - Great Grandmas
(not pictured) Black Flats - on sale at Kohls $8

Hair - Just a pony flip, start a pony and just stop when it is flipped

Tomorrow is 4-h and we have friends coming over tomorrow! Now I am signing off to go and watch a movie for school (hopefully better than Hamlet, thats another story) and get some ice cream with chocolate sauce and peppermint paddies! YUMMO!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FF challenge day 3

So it is day 3 - and today I am not so 'casaul'

(specail thanks to Hannah, she took my picture and she isn't even feeling good! YOUR AMAZING LITTLE SISSY!!)

I'm wearing.....
White T - Kohls on sale for $5 (I got it yesterday! I LOOOVE it!)
Brown Skirt - Sarah gave it to me, and it was too big so mommy fixed it!
Earrings - Khols, Sarah got a matching necklace and didn't like the earrings!
Necklace - Made by a friend for Christmas (go to her blog HERE)
Hair - Just down, I'm real boring! LOL
( a little note, we have all hardwood (bearing in mind the few rugs that we have) so I have on socks from Kohls. Just thought that maybe I should clarify! LOL I am wierd..)

A close up of the earrings!


Monday, February 7, 2011

FF challenge day 2

So I didn't get a picture of my outfit yesterday, but I got one today!! Anyway today I wore....

::Excuse the goofy-ness of the picture, its just me!::

Ohh and this is the winning watermark! Joyful Julianna! (just thought that I should say so for when I am posting more pics! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten all of the pictures, so some are still the old one!)

I wore...

Khaki Jumper - Christmas, Hand Made by MOMMY!!
Blue Stripped Sweater - Hand Me Down
Black Tights - Target $5
Pink Slippers - .50 at a rummage sale! They are AMAZING!!!!
Hair - Nothing really, just down!
(socks are just so I don't get holes in my tights!)

Go on over to Grace's to join in on the fun!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Give a way @ Grace's Garden Walk

Grace is having the most amazing give a way! You have to go and check it out!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay so we got an incubator and A NEW CHICK HAS HATCHED!!!!! She/He is sooo cute! I am gonna get pics later!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have....

A HUGE probelm! I don't know what watermark that I like best, so I want you(my amazing followers) to vote on it for me! I will give you 5 choices!

1) Joyful Julianna

2) Jandles

3) Burst My Bubble

4) Two Turtle Doves

5) Brush Script
I have a poll up so you can VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Give A Way @ Butterfly Dreams

My friend Kelsey is having a give a way, she is giving a way a blog design - GO HERE

You can go over and enter!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Farm Girl Crochet - New Item!

Since the winter months are almost over - I am adding some new things too the store! Such as these......

I am now selling Crochet Cell Phone Cases! I will have the details on my page, and I will have some more pictures!

And be on the look out for some other NEW THINGS!!!!!