Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little leg work and you get......

You all are probably like 'what in the world is that title supposed to be about?' Well I have been helping my momma in the biggest project that one could embark on, SAVING DOUGH!!!!! YES this simple sign $$$$$!!!! We have a large family right? Well we watched a TV program called Extreme Couponers Now we are not like these people, but it definetly opened our eyes when one lady bought a months worth of food for a $1! That is what got us going! Some of the deals aren't that good, but we sometimes get some good ones (like chicken $.99 per lb). I decided to take some photos of our better deals! I will name the items and then add in the amount that we got. Then I will put what we spent, if I know, what we saved and what we WOULD have spent! O and were we shopped too!

3 Aquafresh toothpaste
3 Hair Dyes
3 Aluminmun Foil
1 diaper
1 oreo
are total was....$10!

Safeway, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Walgreens ( I am going to list what we got were under the name of the store!)

Rite Aid
3 Ajax Dish liquid
5 Kelenex

2 Paper Towels
2 Soft Soaps
1 Ivory soap 3 pack
1 Feminine Hygenie Product

Dollar Tree
2 AA battery packs

2 Wheat Thins
4 Packs of soda
1 Dozen eggs (yes we have chickens, but they were FREE) Not pictured
1 Coffee Creamer
5 Pork Sausage Links
6 Breasts packages of chicken
4 Bottles of soda (yes we all loooove soda!)
1 Bag of Red Grapes
Our Total for all of the stores was $86, We saved $110, and we would have spent....$196 with out the deals, and coupons! You see, it is sooo cool how we just got $200 worth of groceries for $86!!!

Now you maybe wondering, were in the world do they find all of those deals and coupons? Well my momma buys coupons from The Coupon Master and a site called Coupon Divas and our grandparents kindly give us their Sunday paper deals! So you see, its not that hard....... But it does take just 'a little extra leg work'

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