Monday, February 7, 2011

FF challenge day 2

So I didn't get a picture of my outfit yesterday, but I got one today!! Anyway today I wore....

::Excuse the goofy-ness of the picture, its just me!::

Ohh and this is the winning watermark! Joyful Julianna! (just thought that I should say so for when I am posting more pics! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten all of the pictures, so some are still the old one!)

I wore...

Khaki Jumper - Christmas, Hand Made by MOMMY!!
Blue Stripped Sweater - Hand Me Down
Black Tights - Target $5
Pink Slippers - .50 at a rummage sale! They are AMAZING!!!!
Hair - Nothing really, just down!
(socks are just so I don't get holes in my tights!)

Go on over to Grace's to join in on the fun!

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