Monday, February 21, 2011

I wear my sunglasses at night.....

One thing that I haven't told you about me, well it is that I have a MAJOR obsession with sunglasses.... I used to have a black pair and now I have 2 brown and a blue pair! I am could still get more....... Anyway I snapped some pics of me in my AMAZING sunglasses! he he

What do you all have an obsession with?


P.S. Don't forget about my pay it forward (3 more slots!)


Kelsey =) said...

Nice. I have sunglasses but, they are kids, and I want a pair of bigger ones that don't squish my head. LOL!


Anonymous said... I know you are really weird :) ha ha. Anyway, I have a pair of sunglasses that cover like half my face...they are cheetah with sparkles!!!-Oriana <><

Beeson Girls said...

I don't wear sunglasses because I wear prescription glasses (I would LOVE to get some "transitions" but they are SOOO expensive, lol!)
My obsession would have to be with HATS!!! When I walk through stores there are many times I cannot resist trying on all of the hats I see, no matter how hard I try! lol


Ohhh Beeson Girls, you would love a store up town, they have a whole room with hats and then a table and 2-3 hats stands out side the store!