Friday, February 11, 2011

2 big posts all in one! FF challenge day 4 and 5 and Pay it forward 2011

I am terribly sorry to Grace as I was terrbily busy yesterday and when I took my picture it was like 9 pm already - not a good time to post! Especially since I still had math.....

Day 4:

I wore.....
Pink Sweater - Randomly found in the laundry!
Black Skirt - Hand Me Down
Earrings - Given to me by Sarah ( like I said, she is obsseded with jewlery...)
Hair - Fliped up pony tail
Shoes - I wore some sandals and flats!
Pink Heart Necklace - Given to me by Sarah

Day 5:

I wore....
'Things go better with coke' T - Got off My Coke Rewards (yes, we do have one of those - we drink sooo much soda though!)
Denim Skirt - Hand made
Hair - in a pony
Earrings - Bought at Target (like $3) Sorry that you can't see them*frown*
Coke Cup - Given to me by Kelsey for Christmas
And now, Pay it forward, have you heard of it? Well what you do is you have to hand make (YES HAND MAKE!) something and give it to the first 5 comments on the post! I have some pretty (like I am in looove with them!) hand made cards!
But theres a catch to this, YOU have to post one of your own (within a month) on your blog! And it MUST be handmade
**note - if you have had one on your blog you can still enter and you don't have to have another one!**
**I cannot ship international, sorry**
And the slots are OPEN!
3. Anna Faith


Kendra said...

Hello Anne! I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while...I've been a bit busy, we moved and all! I unfollowed lots of blogs {almost them all!} since it was too much. Your outfits are really cute!

Oh, and please enter me in Your Pay It Forward. I just did one myself! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne,

Go ahead enter me. I'm fine with it.


Anna Faith said...

Enter ME Please!