Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm in love......

With starbucks coffee cups!


Kelsey =) said...

abby is adorable!

iSMILE said...

haha I'm in love with starbucks coffee cups...and coffee too :)
I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

lol. goofball. You can count me as a follower...Brynna too, even though we aren't listed at the top.

Anonymous said...

hey Anne,
You will be thrilled (like as in screaming and jumping up and down :) ) to learn that I found a site for swimsuits like the one you bought that are only $30 dollars for a premade and $45 for custom made. I am so excited that I can get one. I could never bring myself to spend the usual 100 on those swimsuits.The site is comstox computers-modest swimwear.


Oriana - Thats soo cool! I got mine custom for about $65 (it was all b-day money), but I am totally in love with it! HEHE! I know that I am nuts, but I am a photographer - and if you knew my family, ohh wait YOU DO!!! HEHE
Say hi to every one there!