Sunday, December 18, 2011

I got tagged :)

Kelsey over at Dorky Writer tagged me! Thanks Kels :)

You have to answer every single question HONESTLY!!!!!
Have fun.......... (I'm answering too)

What is your favorite color? Lime green and Purple
Do you have any pets?If so, what kinds and what are their name(S)? A barn cat named Charlie!
Do you like photography? yes
What are your USUAL pj's? Comfy sweats and a baggy t and in the winter a warm sweater (my t is usally short sleeve) ohh and socks, my muck boots are cold in the morning :)
What is your room like? And what do you wish it to look like? I love my room. Its lime green with lime green curtains. I have a white trundle bed and a HSM(aka high school musical) comforter. a white mirror with a book cover on the side (Okay so the reason I have a book cover on my mirror is because I couldn't find a book that it would fit so I just needed a place for it :) and a white laptop table so I can get ready!
What is your favorite food? FAVORITE??? Umm that could take a while.....
What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? O really don't know!
If you replaced the first letter in your last name with the first letter in your first name, what would your first name become? Bnne
Do you prefer CAPITAL letters or lowercase letters?both
Do you call that carbonated drink SODA or POP? Soda - what else??
What is your favorite fast food restaurant? ????
What sandwich do you get at Subway? Normally I get the blt all meats and a little mustard :)
Salad or a burger? hmmmm how about a burget with salad on the side
What's your favorite brand of shoes? ????
Writing letters, talking on the phone, texting, what's your favorite form of communication? I like to do all - specially when I have friends who live FAR away :(
Do you wear makeup? NOPE!!!! I think I was made just right so I don't (plus family rule says we have to be 16 to wear make up) I just where a little lip gloss
What month were you born in? May!
What's your favorite place to buy clothes? Thrift store or khols
Do you watch the X Factor USA? If you do, who are you voting for in the final four? NO
Who is your best friend? I have to many :)

Thanks kels for tagging me!
<3 anne

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