Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some ways that I save are.....

Now if that title DOESN'T make any sense, then you will most likely want to keep on reading! I love to get the B-E-S-T deals on anything and EVERYTHING!!! Here are some of the ways that I have learned to save some money. I just want to clarify, I may be only 12, but I have learned from the best momma in the whole wide world!

The first topic is...... CLOTHES!!!

The 2 skirts that I purchased for fifty-five cents! The floral one is a bit bigger, so I wear it with a pin in the side :)

So many of you bloggers face the 'well I can NEVER find modest clothing, that aren't very expensive!' I am here to tell you your local thrift store can offer awesome deals! When we were living in GA, if we needed some type of clothing, on a Thursday we would go into the thrift store, and we would get military discount, and if we got any of the color tags, EXTRA discount!! One of ours recently had twenty-five cent clothing day! Yes, all of the clothing was twnety-five cents! I purchased 2 skirts for a total of .55 cents! You can always get skirts that are a couple sizes to big, you can alter them to your size!

The second topic..... BOOKS!!!

Who doesn't enjoy curling up with a wonderful book and reading a whole book in a day? I know that I do! One of the local libraries puts on a yearly book fait to get rid of some books! I have a book shelf full of books, I have probably spent no more the $50 to $100 on them ALL! Isn't that amazing ( I will have to post a picture of my book shelf, so that way you can see that I have TONS of books, I mean they are stacked on top of books that are stacked :) We went to one on Saturday and I got a total of 13 books for a final price of $7.50!!! Here are the books that I got! Also I wanted to point out that all of the hardbacks were a dollar and the paperbacks were 50 cents.

To be a princess by Hugh Brewster

The complete guide to digital photography by Micheal Freeman

The reptile room by Lemony Snicket

Letters from Rifka by Karen Hesse ( I read this one for school, so it is always nice to have them for when the girls get to read them! plus it is a REALLY good book!)

Remember the ladies by Jeri Chase Ferris

Arbain Nights

The carnivirous carnival by Lemony Snicket
Get on board by Jim Haskins ::no image::

The Mouse and his child by Russel Hoban

Missiouri Homestead by T.L. Tedrow

Remember the ladies by Norma Johnston

The slippery slope by Lemony Snicket

The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame

My third topic it.... How to find craft items for really good prices!

Micheals is really good about having a weekly flyer that lists all of their sale items for the week. We got $1 cotton yarn (which is normally about $2 a ball! AWESOME DEAL!!), 5 art pads for $10 (we also had a discount coupon from the flyer ;)

My fourth topic is.... What else? COUPONS!!!!
You all have KNOW idea what I am like when I am couponing. All I look for are ninty-nine cents or FREE items! Here are some deals that we snagged this past week!

(2) Clean n' clear body washes, after coupons ninty-nine cents each
(1) Crest pro health mouth wash, after ECBs and coupon FREE
(1) Purex 3in1 sheets, after coupon ninty-nine cents
(2) DenTek flossers after coupons and ECBs about $1 each
(2) Maybelline make-ups after ECBs $4 each

Spent - $10.00

Saved - $39.00

and we got back $8.50 in ECBs!

Rite Aid:

(1) Purex crystals fabric softener after coupons and Up+ rewards ninty-nine cents
(1) Halls cough drops after coupons FREE
(1) Reach floss after coupons FREE
(2) Ludens cough drops after coupons fifty cents each

Spent - $1.65

Saved - $13.06


(2) Hefty one zip bags, after coupons $1.15 each
(1) Dial gold hand soap, after coupons ninty nine cents
(2) Pine Sols, after coupons ninty nine cents
(2) Irish spring deoderants, FREE after Register Rewards and coupons
(1) Colgate total toothpaste, after coupon nintey nine cents
(2) Barbsol shaving creams, after coupon nintey-nine cents
(2) Pure silk shaving cream, after coupon ninety-nine cents

Spent - $12.00

Saved - $25.00

and we got $4.00 in rewards back!
I hope you guys thought that this post is soo awesome! I know that I do! :)
Love your addicted to coupons authoress,


Kelsey =) said...

I love books. But, I don't need to buy the soue books. I have them all. cool deals though.



Kelsey - SHHHH that is our code word!!!! Remember??? Huh what am I to do with you?! (BTW I am talking about that series of unfortunate events!)

Anonymous said...

Oh...wow anne. Good deals...i am scrimper too..always pays, and I love coupons!!!

~Lauren said...

Awesome tips, Anne! :D


Oriana - I wouldn't nessacarily call it 'scrimping'.....