Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little yard sale frees up some room in the garage . . . .

Every year the community pulls together and has one BIIIG yard sale - and we joined in! We sold loads of junk to people, just like the old saying goes 'One mans treasure, is another mans junk.' That really applys to this weekend of nothing but cheap things! One thing that I like is looking for good deals - and you see we had some of the best deals ever! We got rid of my kitchten set that I got when I was 5 - the only thing was when we got there a little Mr. broke the sink! lol. Anyway we also got rid of the most ugly picture (and the funniest thing was it was the first to go!)

The girls have been/ are dying to have a lemonade stand - they did really good! Of course they were telling people that the refills were free! LOL!!!

My grandparents (which is were we did the sale - we live out were we NEVER would have any buisness *smile*) were selling antiques and things that they have no use for now, they had some really cute things (like a pair of old fashioned borgans, ohh how I wished I was to fit in a 11 . . . . . .) I snapped some pictures of the things that they had! Most of the stuff was cleared out

(Ohh how I wanted to snatch this one too...)

Silly Abby - we can't sell you!



Victoria said...

Oh garage saling is so much fun.
I like the plate that sais home sweet home, very cute!
Looks like you and your sisters were having a lot of fun!
God bless you!


Abby said...

Oh! I've never had a garage sale, but it looks like such fun! Did you make the lemonade yourself? What pretty dishes. :) I like that plate too.


Abby :D