Monday, March 12, 2012

meet my electric eraser...

this is my electric eraser :0 its amazing!!! i have know idea what i did before i got it!??! ohh wait i do, i used a (wait for it) regular eraser, one that doesn't get plugged in :) its amazing i've survived this long without a electric one!!!

i'm sure your wondering how one of these beauts came into my posseion - well it all starts after i finish a math text book - i gotta erase it (cause i write in it :0 anywho i was erasing it one night when my grandparents were over and they were like what are you doing? of course i said with distain ' mother dearest makes me erase my math book every year, and it always paralyzes my hand for at least a month' okay it was more like 'i'm wierd and write in my math book and mom makes me erase it out after i finish it... even though i know i have to erase it afterwards... and its really tedious, and i normally dont do it for at least a couple months then i get on it cause mom keeps pestering me about it' :) anyway so my grandpa, found this electric eraser, and he gave it to ME! :) and not a lot of people have seen one, but i tell you what - there awesome :)

seriously people, you bought that??? i do have an electric eraser,and they are awesome, but really?! look at it!! its big, and its supposed to be 'light weight' buts its as heavy as small lamp, its supposed to be 'quiet' and honestly its quieter to be in the same room with a hungry tiger (okay its not THAT loud :) easy to use.... ya its so heavy you have to balance it in your hand... and well i will admit its a lil easier to use than a regular eraser... :) neat, well considering sometimes it makes big black marks on your clean white paper, ya its not THAT neat, saves time - lemme get this straight, i gotta plug this thing in, make sure that the eraser is actually in the thing, and then hold the button while moving it on my paper, OR i could get up, go get an eraser and get on with my life...... hmmmmm

i will admit though - its very photogenic :)
<3 anne


Tracy and Kelsey said...

Its a very photogenic electric eraser. You're so randomly weird. But I love ya girly. Kels

anne said...

Thanks kels - i was actually erasing with it and i said, i totally need to do a blog post about it ) lol