Monday, July 2, 2012

top 10 reasons why i haven't been posting

1) ive been busy  thats a lie, cause i havent been

2) my niece and nephew are in town, which is true, but i still have time

3) my goats have taken up loads of my used to be computer time  another lie, i still have loads of time on my hands

4) i have nothing to post about.  dead serious here

5) i dont know what to post about. another dead serious one here

6) when i think about posting, i always forget to write it out later. ya, thats total true

7) i have no inspriation

8) i wonder if anybody reads my blog... truth here

9) i have a ton of posts lined up, but i forget about them ummm not at all :/

10) i figure nobody wants to hear my fangirling one direction love, and since one direction is EVERYWHERE in my life, i just never ever have anything to post about. that my friends, is probably the most truthful answer out of this whole list :)

so from that list, you probably got this, my niece and nephew are staying here at the house, i finally got goats,  and that ive pretty much become a crazy fangirling directioner.  all three are very true :)

 see my babies?? the one that abby's feeding is the doe, also called rissa(short for clarissa) the other is a buck, who will be traded for another doe. we have been calling him shorty, cause hes only here for a short time :) thanks for that one auntie nay nay :)

you can also see the back of my nieces head in that picture... thats the only picture i have actually :)

and for all my directioner friends, if you have not heard one directions cover of use somebody, and louis cover of look after you, you have not lived :) that is all now

i will try to update more often, but... if i dont, i promise im not dead :)

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Rachel Hipps said...

i read your blog! :) and i would totally love a fangirl One Direction post. ;) loooooveee them.