Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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wow, been awhile huh?? I don't know if anyone still reads my little blog, but if you do, hi, I'm Anne, the author that's been MIA since July... but I'm back :)

so what's happened with me in the months I haven't posted...

1) right before thanksgiving my mom and I upgraded phones, get this, I'm a apple geek, I got a iPhone :) I love it, and seriously I don't kiss the keyboard;)

2) I started listening to rap... no not the Flo Rida rap, girly rap, like Karmin, Becky G, and Cher Lloyd, so if you haven't heard them, go google those girls, because they rock :)

3) take me home came out and I became a big old happy camper :) I got it the morning it came out and i was in heaven just staring at the cover! my fav song is probably irrestiable.. so sweet...

4) Christmas, a time of getting  giving ;) although Santa didn't bring me what i wanted... because I did not see one direction under my tree... I did get the calendar, and pillowcase and Harry styles keychain, not as good as the real deal, but hey i can't complain

5) haylor came about... 'nough said

and I think everyone's about caught up with me :)

I hope you all had fantastic holidays and hopefully I will post a little more often :)
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Kelsey said...

Hey there,

I'm sorry, I couldn't fit them in the envelope I shipped your gift in :) sorry.

Kels :)