Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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hello lovely people of the internet!

ive meant to post, really, but... well i cant post from my phone or ipad and the kids normally have their Jumpstart toddler learning game on the computer so.. guess what that means.. i dont get on the desktop often(thank goodness i can still get on the internet though right ;)

however happens to read this might be wondering whats been going on in my life(honestly though i dont know if anyone reads my blog anymore, like if they do, they must really think im awesome :)

hmmm what have i been doing, well a couple weeks ago i decided to be fun and make my jewlery box more... anne :)(aka me :)
before it was a ugly wood brown, the stained glass is the same, but i added stickers to it :) and i painted, but on the sides...
the sides are paper, i know weird but it was these strips of paper from some paper twisting kit thing i got ages ago, but used like twice, so to get rid of the paper that was knotted up in my drawer :)

lets see what else.... well right now im working on a collage, the theme... ME :) right now i have to print off pictures since our magazine aren't very good(martha stewart and country living arent really me)

thats really it... until next time...
<3anne p="">

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Kelsey Nicole said...


That jewelry box is ADORABLE!!! Mine are so boring. (They're plain wood too :/) Maybe I should buy some paint and Kelsey mine up :)