Thursday, January 1, 2015

goodbye 2014.. hello 2015

The year is over... so lets see what has happened...


The beginning of the year.  It was a quiet month, where we didn't do anything but the normal day to day life happenings.


Valentine's day - which isn't anything special.  All I remember is I ate pizza for dinner that night :)


**this is one of the many selfies George snapped while we were shopping ;)**
In March we went and visited my grammie.  We went shopping for a dress for a homeschool formal that my mom helped to plan for us teenagers in our homeschool group.  There were many tears shed that weekend and a lot of different dress shops visited but I finally found a dress in a little bridal shop! 


I finally was not a loser and watched frozen..  needless to say I bought it just a few days later.  It was true love okay?! ;)


May was a good month.. I turned 16 which is still crazy for me to even think about.. I'm 2 short years away from being a legal adult and I really doubt that should even happen!  It was also the end of the school year and the end of geometry for me :D


June was a awesome month as I got my very own vehicle :)  It's a Ford Focus and I love it very much!   

My oldest sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew moved up here in June also.  I love having them around all the time!


The summer months were a whirlwind of excitement.  July was filled with business,  We celebrated fourth of July with my family, starting up the new 4-H year as president of our club, our annual birthday party, and going to a county fair a few hours away with friends.


August is the last month of our summer, and its spent working at our county fair in the hand crafts building.  This year my best friend worked there with me and we had a ball!  I ate my fair share of the beer battered chicken that I love as well as the best quesadilla that you will ever eat.  Sadie and I also went on our day off and rode all the rides.  By the end of the night we were both sick but managed a funnel cake because its fair and you must gain a few pounds ;)  The fair flew by so quickly and I was so disappointed that it was over!  Until next year :)


The new school year brought me one year closer to being done with high school.  Junior year has proven to be way easier academically then last year.  We are way busier with extra curricular activities, but I'm enjoying the school year thus far :)  


October rolled around and with it our family vacation to Palm Springs.  We went to a zoo, a quilt shop for my momma, a ritzy outlet mall (like chanel and gucci ritzy :), hung out at the pool, and a Children's museum.  My parents surprised us on the last day with a trip into disney land as well!  We all had so much fun riding the rides and taking in the most magical place on earth :) 


November passed by in a second and we worked on keeping up with life basically.  Thanksgiving was good, but nothing spectacular like last year when both my older sisters came out to visit.  We also did Black Friday shopping which obviously anything that includes shopping and deals is a good day for me :)


December - the most wonderful time of the year.  This year I truly felt in the holiday spirit.   We participated in our towns annual Christmas Tree Lighting (our city holds the world record for tallest living Christmas Tree - and its a major event to go to the lighting), the Lighted tractor parade, my little sister and nieces dance recital, our church cookie exchange, lots and lots of cookie decorating with friends, and just enjoying the holiday season.   It was really a good month all around.  

And that brings us all the way back to January.  I cannot believe that its already a new year - but I am ready for whatever God has in store for me this year!

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