Saturday, December 25, 2010

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMASSSS!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What are you all doin today? We just back from my grandparents house for a brunch - but I wanted to tell you a Christmas story. It is true - but I wanted to show off about what I got - LOL JK!

This year we all drew names - and I got to give Hannah something. Sarah got me, and so here is what I got from her.......

A cute purse

3 new earrings

Adventures in
Odyssey album 35

2 new gloves

Mom made me a new jumper....

I got in my stocking.....

Marie Madeline Route 66 skirt pattern

Polar Express

Reletives presents.....
Toe socks - and I really did flip it!

A new scarf!
I also got 2 gift cards to Khols

And the story,

Imagine this. Christmas Eve and you are at your Grandparents house - it is time to open presents! Your grandpa hands you over a small box. Naturally you open it, and it is a jewlery box. Of course you know that it is probably some piece of jewlery to add to your already full jewlery box. When you open the box inside is and old key - wierd as I can't drive and this is NOT a car key. What could it go to, maybe a piano, maybe to your door, maybe to....... As you are getting suggestions from family members (AKA Cash box, locket, diary, etc.) Your dad and grandpa slip out of the room. Now only do you notice that they are gone and they come walking in the room with what? A HOPE CHEST FOR YOU!!!! A Cedar Hope Chest - the top item on your Wish List from "Santa"! Now what do you think, yes MUCH BETTER than a money box indeed!

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

LOVE the purse. Butterflies are my favorite. That's another reason for the name of my blog.
Once I get the SD card I will post pics of my stuff too.



Anonymous said...

I love the photos you took! I would love it if you entered my Photo Challenge that I am having! Im following you! I would love it if you followed me also!