Monday, January 10, 2011


Hannah's 4-H project Shadow and Jingle the 2 black netherland dwarf bunnies! They have been poked, prodded, and played with (the 3 p's) Hannah and Lindsay carry them around like babies, and love on them to death! They are only to get about 2 1/2 pounds, and they only eat a small handful of hay and food. If you want a pet I advise these animals. They are so very sweet, eat extra lettuce (but PLEASE don't feed them iceburg, they can't eat it no matter what) and they abosotly looove the carrots! Anyway here are the latest 'babies' on One Blessed Acre!



Reed Family said...

They're adorable!! :D

Anonymous said...

Anne I awarded you twice on my blog!

Preciouspeas said...

Mrs. Crystal said our bunnies are so sweet, that usually Netherland Dwarfs are very skittish and don't like to be held. We have some sweet snuggle bunnies.