Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeans to skirt DIY

So i have a new addiction.. its pinterest (I'm so behind the times huh?? :) and many of my friends and family have been enjoying being Guinea pigs for new recipes/ and or laughing at me when i make a DIY mask :)

Well recently I've been sucked into the DIY & crafts section of pinterest and i found this. I absolutely loved it, especially since she cut the pockets!  I have to have a pocket in my clothes so i can have my phone on me.. seriously i need my phone on me 24/7 (i have issues okay??)

little unknown or maybe known fact, i am a MAJOR shopaholic.. MAJOR.  when i go to the mall i need serious self control. so when i saw that skirt i was like, i have jeans i could use for that.. ones that are sitting in my drawer cause i wore them once and didn't like em.. hmmm..  and since my dear mommy has a fabric addiction i looked in her fabric stash and found the perfect fabric for the skirt! yay!!

so since i rarely post on here, want to do many more DIY's... i thought maybe it could kinda be like a journey type thing, and i can feed both addictions of mine (shopping and pinterest) and it would be helpful for the internet!! :)

so without further adieu here is how I made that lovely skirt :)

so for this adorable skirt you are going to need..

  • a pair of old jeans, i got mine from the thrift store awhile back and i ended up not wearing them.. typical me :)
  • a long piece of fabric (approximately double your waist in length maybe a little more)
  • a sewing machine
  • paitence lots and lots of paitence

okay so to start you are going to take your jeans (you could also use shorts, less cutting that way) and cut off the legs, it helps to cut the pants in stages.  after the legs are cut off, you could do a me and put the little 'mini skirt' on and make your mom laugh at you or you could be normal and cut a bit more :)

so next, I wanted the pockets cut out on the back, so what my dear sewing genius mother told me to do was cut the pockets out (go up about half way to the top of the pocket) and then cut a diagonal so the front is shorter than the back.

after that lay your fabric out wherever you want.. and time to cut that!  you should cut the fabric about double your waist, so for me i needed to cut 62 inches but i did 65 just so i had extra.

once you have it cut sew up the side to make a skirt piece, and then do a gather stitch around the top of the fabric.  once completed gather your fabric.

after you've gathered piece the jeans and fabric together (i so love my mom for doing it for me :) and then sew around it!

I of course had my difficulties with the sewing machine, so i had to rip out a few areas.  but thats besides the point. after that hem up the bottom and thats it! super easy and adorable!

this is going to kind of be a series, and i guess ill just keep going, but i dont plan on doing just clothes, ill try out other things to!  yay for pinterest and how addictive it is :)

stay tuned for my next DIY... :)


Preciouspeas said...

Thanks for putting that great picture of your mother up on your post. The skirt looks adorable on you! Love you.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

I think I just about fell over....
Are you wearing a skirt?!
Anne, you're adorable in them and you look so pretty and feminine when you wear them.
Good job on the skirt and way to go Mom for helping you out.
Now, have Mom buy you some leggings and you're good to go. :)