Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thrifty and Chic Modest fashion show Day 4,5, and 6

So I ablsotly HATE having to uploas pictures EVERYDAY - Luci, I have to say that you were good at doing it for 2 WEEKS!!!!

Anywho I have my last 3 days worth of clothes, sorry Luci that I didn't get day 1 - it completly slipped my mind *sad face*

Day 3

"A downpour"


So I wore . . . .

Voice of the Myrtars T - Gift

Khaki skirt - Hand Made

Flats - on sale at khols - $13

Day 4
"Perfect Purple"


I wore . . . .
Purple T - Good will, umm maybe $2
Denim Skirt - Also a goodwill purchase - $2
Floral flats/tenny's (not pictured) - Thrift store find - $2
(those are the shoes!)
Day 6
"Rush Hour"


Outfit . . . .
Blue T - Hand me down
Floral Skirt - Hand made
High heels - on sale Khols somewhere around $5-$8

Thanks Luci for doing this!

Also thanks Hannah for being my photographer for the week!! LOL
God Bless All,

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Eldarwen said...

Those are some really pretty outfits, Anne! :D I'm following your blog now!! :D

Oh, and I got my blog button from Olive Tree. You can find her main blog at:

Her designing blog is: