Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FF challenge day 3 and 4

ALREADY DAY THREE??!! WOW!!!! So today is going to be busy. Dad has me doing chores so that I don't have to empty out my bank for my camera - AND THE CAMERA THAT I AM GETTING IS ON SALE!!!! Well now that I am off subject, I'll just get started on the challenge


Purple Butterfly T ~ Hand Me Down

Black Skirt ~ Hand Me Down

Muck Boots ~ $20 - there not desingner so I won't list were I got them . . . . .

Flower earrings ~ mom gave me


Pink Poodle T - Hand Me Down
Pink Floral Skirt - Thrift Store $3.00


Day 4

Prarie Denim Skirt - Hand Made (thanks mommy for your help!)

Butterfly Shirt - Hand Me Down

High Heels - Khols - Mudd $10

Flower earrings - same as the other days

Hair - was in braid, but mom trimmed it so it is down!


(Sorry for the poor quality :(

Prarie Pink Dress - Hand Made
Black Sandels - Same as Day 2


Polka Dot Purple T - Hand Me Down

Purple Floral Skirt - Hand Made, then handed down
Princess Ballet Slippers - Payless $10-$12
Sorry that she doesn't have a picture, when I wanted to take hers she didn't have bottoms on

My dress: $3 at walmart

Flip flops: $2 walmart



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