Thursday, July 1, 2010

I need some help . . .

Okay so I want ( well I am!) going to get a camera!!! I am sooo excited! I have been saving since November of 09 (well it wasn't for this, but for future uses!) I have just enough for a small digital camera - but I am torn so I need you help, can you help??

Here are my choices . .
Product Image Fujifilm FinePix 12.0MP Digital Camera - Blue (JV100)

Fujiflim Finepix Jv100
I wanted to get a purple one, but I fell in love with the blue cameras!

Product Image Nikon Coolpix 12.0MP Digital Camera - Blue (S3000)

Nikon Coolpix S3000
I like this one - but is on the expensive side . . . .

9765338 Front Large

Samsung Megapixel Sl605

So which one do you like?? Better yet if you have a camera, please do tell me which one it is an where you got it - I really need some help!



Andrea said...

okey dokey! Well I have that EXACT Nikon Cool Pix!!! Same color and everything! Anywho,here's what I think of it!
1)Takes awesome pics!
2)Is really simple to use!
3)really is a durable camera
1)it doesn't zoom very far.
2)is expensive
SO, other than that it is an AWESOME camera! I think it's definantly worth the extra $$! Hope it helps!
Proverbs 31:30

K said...

Hi Buddy, (LOL)
I think you should go with the one that you think is the one you want....
Have a great day,


That doesn't help - actually I like the samsung one best!