Saturday, October 23, 2010

Favorites Tag

My friend K, over at Butterfly Dreams, has once agian tagged me. K, I think that you are making my blog a tags blog! HEHE

(1) What is your favorite color? Definetly Purple and Lime Green, haven't any of you taken a look at MY ROOM

(2) Do you like Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate best? I don't like dark or white - so regular!

(3) What is your favorite food? Keilbasa soup ( talk about that one a lot, huh, well I will get that recipe soon!), and F town pizza!

(4) Favorite website? I don't really have one, but I like blogs and my emails! I also like watching stuff on Youtube!

(5) Do you like wearing girly colors better or more plain colors? I like both!

(6) Who is your favorite singer between, Rebecca St. James, Casting Crowns, Third Day, or PureNRG? PURENRG!!!! Did you know I saw them in GA!!!!!!

(7) 3 favorite animals? Monkeys, dogs, and most any farm animal (yes that does include pigs!)

(8) Fruit salad or regular salad? Both! I looove to have the fresh lettuce, but a nice fruit salad for breakfast, YUMMMM

(9) Reading blogs or writing blogs? BOTH!!!!!

(10) The Apothecary's Daughter or Indian Captive? I have only read Indian Captive, K

(11) What is your favorite cake, Chocolate, German chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or carrot? CHOOOCOLATTTE!!!

(12) Favorite movie? ??? Probably, hmmm, ummm, let me think, wait I got it, thhhe, LOVE movies!

(13) Who is your favorite actor/actress? ???

(14) Is my blog one of your favorites? DUHHHH

(15) Gummy bears or Gummy worms? Gummy worms all the way. They even have the gummy snake now at candy factory!

I tag . . . . . . . .

Any body who wants to! Eldarwen, I am getting into your way of doing tags *smile*


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Kendra said...

Loved reading your answers, I got tagged by that same tag! :D I haven't posted it yet though.