Monday, October 11, 2010

She's 3!!!!

(Work it!)

Just 3 years ago, Abby was born! My grandma thought that it was soo cool that she was born on the same day as her, it was the best birthday present ever (and the funniest thing was that she had predicted that Abby would be born on her birthday *smile*) She is spunky, with a touch of attitude! She has a funny thing about her, it may just be her toddler ness, but when you laugh, she does is over, and over, and over agian!

(This was a posed shot *smile*)

(us being dork fishes!)

I love you Abby, you are the cutest (silliest) most loving sister, 3 year old sister that I have



Kendra said...

Happy Birthday Abby!

Taylor said...

Happy birthday to Abby!! :)