Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life and death . . . . .

Living on the main route out of town - we have seen are share of dead animals on the side of the road - but one thing that always sits heavy on us, is when a chicken is dead in the road. First we lost our Pineapple - I wasn't to sad about that. But when mom told us that my favorite Dasiy had been run over today, I was just in a daze.

Lord, please, let the cars go slower - let us and the animals that we own stay safe here. And please let us keep a better eye on them.

Love Anne


K said...

Awwww! Hopefully no more chickens get hit.


K, and the worst thing was, she wasn't even in the road, someone swerved in front of the fenced in area and hit her on purpose! She was my favorite Dasiy too.

K said...

That is ridiculous!
MAN you should sue them.
Okay maybe not that far but that is not nice. BTW I tagged you! (again)