Sunday, August 22, 2010

AWWW, there babies!

Our coop not only has chickens (and soon to be rabbits ;) but barn sparrows have been nesting. All through this year we knocked down nest after nest and finally they decieded to go higher - and started nesting a foot above my dad (he is 6 :0 One night I went in, looking for something and came out of the coop to find these 4 little birds sitting on a old (and when I say OLD, I mean OLLLD :) power cord, thankfully my camera was out in the car, so there I am, running to the car to try and beat these birds and I snapped a few shots (some didn't turn out that good :( and I was about to take a video, when they flew - but something else had happened, I was too afraid to look, as the birds were to amazing to see - but when I got inside I did have the courage to look - and guess what, I HAVE been pooped upon by a sparrow, YUCK!!!!

Here are the ONLY good ones (well actually I did have more, but I had to delete some, as my laptop is sying :(



K said...

They are kinda cute. Just like the chickens!!!
Have a great day,


They were cute, until they pooped on me :(