Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Picnik, maybe?

As I sit here listening to Zoegirl I have my mind babbling at the many things that I have to get done! I have to finish my skirt, (Hopefully) finish editing my pictures that I have put off for 2 MONTHS! And finish a row in my afghan! WOW! All on top of helping dear mom as she has caught this stomach bug, the one that Abby has :( If you could please keep her in your prayers. I think that I am coming down with it so Lindsay, Abby, George, Mom, and dad and I are staying home from church this morning (note - Dad is feeling fine, but mom needs help so he had to stay home ;)

I was editing my pictures this morning after chickens so here are the ones that I finished thus far!

Hannah: Her pictures are ALWAYS perfect!

Top:Broccoli (left) Butternut Squash (Right)
Bottom: Carrots fresh picked (left) Clinatro (right)

George: 1 word CUTE!! He is SUCH a ham!

Abby - She is the sweetest thing! She is a ham to! One of these days, she'll be happy about all the pictures I took!

Pine-Apple: One morning are new addtion flew onto the top of moms car and was there for at least 20 mintutes!

I'll post some more soon!



Anonymous said...

Hannah, George, and Abby are all ADORABLE!!!!
Yum, vegetables! LOL!
P.s. Hope you're all feeling better!


I know - we froze about 2 bags full! and now to move onto the zucchini . . . ;) I am sister to the CUTEST kids on earth!