Monday, August 2, 2010

A tag and other things that I am thinking!

I was tagged by my BFFL, K over at Butterfly Dreams! Thanks K!
Rules:You answer the questions and make up 10 of your own and tag more people!

(1) Do you prefer books that take place in the 1800s or modern day books? I enjoy many different genres - I mostly enjoy olden day books! Those women are heros for my ( Not like mommy isn't :)
(2)You wrote a book that got published do you get so excited you jump for joy or are you calmly excited? DUH - I am famous, I am rich, I would be jumping, now a better question is what would you do with the millions of dollars that you get from that book . . . .
(3) Six people say they like The Love Comes Softly series better and six more people say they like the Little House on The Prairie books better. What is your opinion? I like them both! I am only at Chapter 6 in Love series and Book 4 in Little house, does that answer your question??
(4) When you are at a gathering do you stay by yourself or do you join the crowd? I am social, well only with people that I know, if I don't know you then I am a shy butterfly!
(4) Do you prefer chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes better? Chocolate Chip, I am not a fan of blueberrys, but I will be making blueberry jam . . That is another post!
(5) When your mom is calling you when she needs something does she ever mess up your name? Now, you are talking to the girl who has how many sisters!? Actaully mom is pretty good, but dad on the other hand . . . . :)
(6) Dresses or Skirts? I like them both, but wear/have more skirts!
(7) If you could change your name what would you want it to be? You know I have always wanted my name to be Bertha or Matilda . . . . . JK - I love my name and wouldn't change it for anything! When I play I am normally Anna, not Anne!
(8) If you were singing a song and didn't know the rest of the words would you (a) make up your own and continue singing? or (b) Stop in the middle? Niether, I would A. Sing 'and I don't know the rest' or B. Just sing that part over and over!
(9) Are you clean or messy? I would like to thing I am a medium of both! I don't like messy, but I occasionly have a artical of clothes on the floor, or forget to make up my bed until later that day :l
(10) Do you like being tagged? I love it! Thanks for tagging me K!

The tag comes with a award, The daisy award!

My 10 Questions
1) What is your favorite flower?
2) City or country?
3) What is your favorite band?
4) If Jeopardy called, would you go on the show?
5) If you won Jeopardy, what would you do with the money?
6) Are you the oldest in your family?
7) What will you name one of your daugters? Sons?
8) QUICK, name a song!
9) If you could tour with a band, which one would you tour with?
10) Do you have freckles or dimples?

Okay the last question was very silly! I tag . . . .

Laney @ Got Freckels
And thats all for that!


I am finishing watermarking pictures and finally have finished off the posts that had to be done on moms computer!


Do you like my new (sorta) look?? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you!


In case you don't know, I have a Shelfari account, and I will be posting it up there soon!

Well, now my ramblings are done and I have pictures and watermarking to finish!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne! Great answers. My mom sometimes mixes up my brothers names. But a lot people mistake me for my older cousin!

Eldarwen said...

Thanks Anne!!