Thursday, September 16, 2010

8 things tag

K over at Butterfly Dreams tagged me!

8 books I have read recently or are reading:

Books I am reading,
1st Saumel
Beowulf (note:this book is REALLY gory and voilent!)
Barnyard in your backyard

Books I have read recently:
I DON"T KNOW!!!!!!

8 songs I listen to all the time:
Starring at the sun: The Rubyz
Break your hear: Taio Cruz and Luducris
SOmethin about the sunshine:Anna Margaret
All of creation: Mercyme
Dance on it: Vineyard music Canada
I'm letting go: Francesca Basstitelti
We got da beat: The Rubyz
Are you ready: Purenrg

8 things I love:
1 Jesus
2 My family!
3 Reading
5 Playing on the computer!
6 School
7 The chickens (and we are getting a goat this spring, if I haven't said anything *smiles*
8 Talking to my friend back in GA on the phone or writing letters to her, I MISS HER SOOO MUCH!!!!!

8 things I've learned this year:
1 That cali is waaaay different that GA
2 That farms don't just come when you snap your finger
3 Piano
4 That taking pictures are sooo much fun, and even more when others see them!
5 That I need to do more laundry for mom
6 I really need to stop procrastinating in every thing
and I can't think of 2 more
8 new recipes I want to try and make by the end of the year:

I don't have many, but I have very many that I have cooked, but didn't turn out well

8 places I like to hang out online:
Blogs (Hey, I might read YOUR BLOG!!!)
Email ( I can be pretty poplular)
FB (on my moms of course *HEHE*)
Gmail (my blog email!)
Picnik (DUH!!!)
And that is all

8 things I need to work on:

8 people I think should do this:
The first 8 people to comment, or better yet, JUST TAKE IT!!!!!


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