Friday, September 17, 2010

The last great summer adventure!

As most of you may know, we have chickens (that is kinda hard NOT to know, right?) which has kept us from any NORMAL summer vacation. We own a trailer, but we used it only a few times (okay 1 once this summer and I have to get my MOTHERS photos) And so dad decided that we needed to see Cali, and get some heat to *big grin!!* Of course that means pictures, but many pictures, and a few videos! (you will have to turn the music off!) This is a 3 or 4 part post *giggles*

Stop 1: The ocean

One word LOL

A log tunnel, oooooo

The OCEAN!!!!

The little wig wam that was built on the shore!

George, he was already eating the sand *smiles*

More ocean!

More ocean!

Still more ocean

Can you guess?

The bolder out in the ocean, I just was in aw of it!


The lumber saw that hung above the enterance to ranger station

The GIANT (plastic) redwood in the ranger station! Dad was playing the game when I snapped the picture!



Abby said...

Neat! I love the ocean. We just went a few days ago. That boulder is pretty cool. Did you try to swim to it? Your sisters are so cute!

Abby :D


Abby: Unfortunalty the current is TERRIBLE in this part of Cali, so we can't swim in the ocean, preiod.