Friday, September 17, 2010

Live tonight at 7:30 PM!!!

This is Anne, with One blessed acres news, tonight Dad B. and Anne B. did their normal chickens, they kenneled them, and counted, but one thing that was new was some sound, a small, faint peeping. What it was, they didn't know - until they turned on the light and 7/8 eggs that a Mama had been sitting on were there. The peeping contuined, and then Anne exclaimed "DAD I SEE IT!!!" What a site to see a chick in the coop! The mama and baby are safe in in coop!

**Note: Another has hatched, unfortunalty, due to stress levels, it died only minutes after being hatched. No pictures were taken of this one**

**Note: ANOTHER ONE IS HATCHED!!!! That only makes 2 chicks, and LORD willing, the rest will hatch and they will all become healthy, happy, and good egg layers (*wink, wink*) chickens!!!!!

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Abby said...

Awww... I wish I could see them!

Abby :D


There was only one, I am hoping that we get 1-2 more!!!