Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, yes, another tag . . . .

K over at Butterfly Dreams, has tagged me agian, yes, again! She is new to blogger, so please do check out her blog and make her feel welcome!

Any way, she has tagged me with a book tag so here it goes . .. .

Five of your favorite novels? Ohh, goodness, I have no clue

Out of those five books who is your favorite character and why?
Ohh dear, was that a manditory question *looks around, clueless*

What is your favorite time period and culture to read about? 18oos and probably any time from then to 1950s

Do you prefer adventure or humor?
adventure, with a tad bit of humor mixed in!

Fiction or Non-fiction? fiction, all the way!

E-book or hard copy? hard copy, there is nothing like the feel of the book in your hand!

Book(s) you are reading now? Canturbury Tales, and I hope to start Loves enduring promise soon!

Name the five books you have read most recently. Not that many, so I can't answer!

Favorite author(s)? Ohh that is hard, I don't really have a FAVORITE one.

In which century were most of the books you read written? 1800s or right now, middle ages

When choosing a book to read are you influenced by the cover? Yeah, and the name. When I go into the library and I see the cover, read the title and then the description!

Which is your favorite G.A. Henty book? ?? Who?

Can’t choose just one? Name five more. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT??

One book that you will never read again? Beorn the Pround, I didn't even finish.

In your opinion, the ultimate hero in literature is… ?????

The ultimate gentleman? Albert from Prarie River series, how romantic . . . . .

The heroine you most wanted to shake some sense into? ???? Probably . .. . . . .

Ever wanted to change a character’s name? Nope

Change the ending of a book? Nope

Three favorite Non-fiction books? ???

Name four heroines that you most admire and relate to ????

to participate you need to,

1 answer the questions in the quiz.
2 tag 3 or more of your book loving blogger friends!
3 provide a link back to the person who tagged you. This way, we can all enjoy reading the witty and thought-provoking answers of our friends!

Kendra @ Ismkendra
Hannah @ Hannah's Hangout

And any one who wants to do it!


Alice said...

Wow, sounds like a fun tag. I think I should do it(because I never did any tag on my blog)..



You should! It was fun, even though some of the questions I couldn't answer . . .
God Bless,