Monday, September 6, 2010

The Farmers Market . . . .

As I flip through my journal (to find what I need for this post ;) I realized I had History reading, liturature, sewing, and then I still had to eat my brownie ;) so I need to hurry this post :) As you all know, we did the farmers market for a few weeks, well that first week, NO CAMERA, I know, what a shame.

I FOUND IT!!!! Here is what we brought . . . . Sold . . . .

4/4 Zucchini
6/6 dozen eggs
1/1 Cabbage
2/10 leaf lettuce
3/3 Romanie Lettuce
1/3 Parsley Bunch
3/10 Resuable Shopping Bags

We did pretty good, Huh?? What, you want the pictures - okay! (*Note, the farmers market sign is blurred as I didn't want to show the city, and there is a line through one of the pictures, as I agian, didn't want personal info*)

(I forgot to Watermark :( The sign, I thought it was pretty cute!

What, no more zucchini, well we did sell 2 right when we got there!



The reusable bags, hand made, of course


All of the lettuce, it was leaf!

The one and only head of cabbage, we sold right before closing!

Like I said, we sold two right away, but we sold these a little later!

She's ready to go!

And so is he!

The parsley, it is STILL coming out of our eyeballs!

The romanine, the person next to us had bigger and healtheir looking ones!


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