Monday, September 13, 2010

What I haven't posted about in a looong time. .. . .

HMMM, want to know what I have been doing?? Of course, I'll start at the beginning!

First off, about 1 month ago I found a AWESOME BAND called the Rubyz, they are Christian singers, and even though they aren't singing any longer, they still are REALLY good!

I also got some new shoes, kinda boring, but I got a pair of high heels (my FAV) and sandals!

I got a Itunes giftcard to! And I thought I wouldn't use $15 . . . .

Starring at the sun
We got da beat

Ladies and Gentlemen
The memo

All I Need

I'm Letting Go

Break your heart

Something about the sunshine

Hands and Feet

What do you think, did any of those songs interest you? I have them all (besides Starring at the sun by the Rubyz) on my playlist!!!!

On to other things, did I ever tell, WE HAVE A BROODY!!!! I mean a hen, sillys! She has been there 22 days, a friend said that she might be there for 28 - so look for a chick post (if they really are chicks . . )

We scratched the rabbits, but this spring, we have goat coming our way!!! EPPP!!! We now have to make this shed into a pardise!!!!

I have a bunch of posts to post, but I don't know how to schedule them, can you all help??

Now one last thing, tomorrow I have a surprise (yes!) So, please do understand, that NONE, but my family knows!!! So please be paitent and just wait about 20 hrs!

Now that you are caught up, I have to go! Lots more pictures soon,

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